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  1. Hi Team: Firstly, thank you for all the great work that you do towards making Evernote such a powerful tool. Job Well Done! I have a feature suggestion. I have been considering using Evernote as my one-stop archive for all my passwords: various email and gaming accountson & off line banking & investments accountscombination locks for my bikes, gym, and work, various web sites that I have an identity with - i.e. Amazon, iTunes, etc.The problem is that my account stays open on my computers due to cookies - which I absolutely like - I do NOT want to have to log in every time I use Evernote. This means though that the above mentioned items would easily be available, due to my negligence of "leaving the door open", to someone who may have access to my computer - say a family member or a stranger who "finds" my communication device and has seen me enter my unlock code. This would be a serious threat to my data. Is it possible to enable a second level, and highly secure (not just 3 digits) password access for individual notebooks? i.e. "Password Archive" or even on individual notes within a (shared) notebook: (Evernote Business) could potentially be able to secure individual notes in a folder called "Voicemail" that would enable staff to access the passwords depending on their privacy access - each receptionists or shipping staff could have access to a note with "their" voicemail password, but that access can be easily revoked and can be changed when someone moves on from the company, or at regular intervals. A manager can change a password and send an email with the change ONLY to those who should have access. This can prevent password sharing. Anyways, the point is that I am wondering if you could please add the option of second level security to notes & / or notebooks? I would personally pay a premium fee for this option. Thank you Andre Favron favron@gmail.com
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