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  1. This happened to me too. I opened a note from yesterday in Mac client, typed in about 30 characters, and then saw a few moments later (perhaps after sync) that most of my note was gone. Evernote 6.0.8 on OS X 10.10.3 (Yosemite latest). iOS 7.7.1 client on iPhone renders same note fine so appears to be a problem in the Mac client. If a bad character was injected, it would also have been injected by the Mac client. The posts say to go to support link in gazumped's signature, but it lists only a link for BOINC. If details are provided as to where to best submit, I will probably submit later today. Perhaps the normal support link submit bug/crash/suggestion for Premium users? It wouldn't help non-Premium. Possibly this arose from network corruption of byte values, but with some simple hash computations and retry-on-hash-fail the odds against that would be incredible. (Run MD5 or SHA2 and they would be 1 in 2^128 or 2^160 respectively. Run them both and I estimate odds are lower than 2^200 = 10^60 which are sufficiently low odds that cryptographers consider them impossible in practice last I heard. These particular hashes may be too slow and therefore too expensive for large notes since a modern CPU can only do hundreds of megabytes per second, but could at least be used for text notes and there might be something more powerful than the current one that can could still be used for binary notes. Doing it on large notes could be another service for Premium users.) In my case I was able to resurrect from Note History and then remake my change, since it was recent and short enough I could replicate it from memory.
  2. Another +1 from a paid user. Today I was almost in a panic because a crucial note was nowhere to be found, and apparently I accidentally deleted it some time ago. Data integrity is the number one issue for a user knowledge store like Evernote. Because this note disappeared on me, I now will likely manually back it up, and may decide to do that with other crucial notes. In case you are curious about the ability of the users with this request, I am on my 30th year of heavy computer use, both as a developer and also in academia (I have a PhD in CS). I am a relative newcomer to EN, having only been a heavy user for the last 2 years.
  3. +1 on the lack of tooltips and the overly large note button clutter. I rarely use most of them. Can we have an option to take away the explanatory text? Or have them explained with tooltips?
  4. +1. Also, it should be possible to make the explanatory text on the reminder, share, etc buttons go away. It's quite a bit of clutter, and an option to reduce it would be useful. Better yet, kill the text and use tooltips here too.
  5. Bump. Evernote 5 looked good until I realized I can't customize it. Looks like time to downgrade the machines I speculatively upgraded.
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