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  1. One workaround is to create a IFTTT rule that fetches new Evernote notes. Then connect that in IFTTT to another service that creates a feed of it. Good thing about IFTTT is that it makes the Evernote body HTML. (Zapier can't do that, they only can process Evernote notes as plain text.) I myself connected it to a Google sheet that was publised as CSV, which I used to import the notes in a website.
  2. A very simple feature: to publish a notebook to the internet, is not possible in Evernote business. And we need it very much. It appears that converting or cloning a business notebook to a personal notebook (in order to publish it) is also not possible. Why?! Customer support says I may copy the notes one by one to a personal notebook. Are you serious? For us this is a reason to stop using Evernote business. Unless...one of the people in this forum has a bright solution for it. I hope Evernote developers read this forum! Thanks.
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