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  1. I had the same problem that no notes showed up under All Notes, but I could see the notes under individual Notebooks. This only happened to Evernote (the most recent version 7.13) on my MacBook, but not to the web version or the iPhone/iPad versions. Force sync did not help. I quitted the app and tried to uninstall it using CleanMyMac. There I saw an option to Reset instead of Uninstall. So I did the Reset, and reopened Evernote. The notes were back under All Notes. Somehow the Reset, which applied to supporting files but NOT the app itself, did the trick. Evernote needs to fix whatever bug(s) that cause the corruption in them.
  2. Yes, yes, and yes. Give us manual sort. It is so important for organizing your notes, particularly if you have a big folder. Seems such a simple thing. Why can you do it, Evernote?
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