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  1. Two f*****g months to wait to fix one simple regression. SHAME ON YOU EVERNOTE Try to consider to use some real issue tracker not board.
  2. In new version of Skitch there is annoying bug introduced: Skitch is filtering out dot from file name copied to clipboard replacing it with underscore so I got: http://myhosting.com/dir/filename_generated_and_filtered_pngwhile it shall be: http://myhosting.com/dir/filename_generated_and_filtered.pngThe name of the file on server is correct: filename_generated_and_filtered.png Other issue is that it would be really nice if skitch would respect selected format when publishing to FTP. So when I selected JPEG it shall upload JPEG not PNG!
  3. I have different problem. Opposite one. For me it is always shared as png when I am using my own FTP Steps to reproduce: Define own FTP server for uploads Define base url, enable unique timestamp I have made screen of this post I have selected Jpeg and Share to FTP Format of the picture is PNGExpected behavior would be to have it uploaded as jpeg. It would be nice when it would be possible to set the Quality of the jpeg in preferences
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