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  1. I agree five years to fix something so fundamental is ... unthinkable I offer this URL for consideration EN: Android Wear 2015-03-27 URL: https://www.evernote.com/l/AQi_7khlbTNFzaJIWJJi5c_TEzHNYd6To_8 Aside: I use the EN to indicate an internal Evernote Link (and if followed from the Evernote Web, downloads the file. The URL is for non-Evernote users to read the file. By giving the two links, Evernote support has a file to work with. First I indented ( Mac: Cnd+Shift+] ). The indent action is successful. I pasted from the clipboard several lines of information ( Mac: Cmnd+Shift+V ) to strip of any formatting and inherited the current formatting. Next I select the line and make a bullet list (Mac: Cmnd+Shift+U ), and conversion of the text lines to Bullet list is completed but the current indent level is completely ignored. The Bullet List starts at the left margin edge, not at the indent level I selected My beef is that earlier version of the Evernote for Mac got this right. When I view the note on Evernote Android it is rendered differently. When I view the note on Evernote iPad0Mini iOS, it is rendered still differently Proper Alignment of bullets And Indent should not impact the level of the bullets (Level 1 stays Level 1) The earlier comments using HTML to examine the issue is a good concept, but I have been making a case that the flaw also lies in the different data structure underlying the export to HTML I created a much simpler illustration and compressed the .enex and html file and folder into the attached file Archive.zip I would welcome reopening this topic. With glee I installed the most recent update to Evernote Mac Version 6.0.8, only to find this issue was not addressed Thanks Archive.zip
  2. Spotify is nice, but with mulitple windows of the same application. I am a user of Cmnd+Tab to cycle through applications., but the focus of the navigation to the desired window "drifts" from [Cmnd+Tab] and [shift+Cmnd+Tab] which is frustrating at first. I set Apple Mac System Preferences > Mission Control preferences and use both the a) hot-corners (mouse / trackpad) for Mission Control, Application Control, Show Desktop a, and Show Dashboard; and I set shortcut keys for these as well. I am missing the functionality of Alt+Tab on Windows cycling through all of the open windows as a newby to Mac OS X Mavericks and now Yosemite and I must mouse to the Window_pulldown menu and select the desired window I have customized Move and Zoom features provided in MOOM, to augment the anchor to four sides and quarter window move and zoom Steffen
  3. Thanks for the discussion. I am new to Evernote, and I appreciate all your experience. Perhaps a couple of pictures are worth some reflection. I share the short version first, and my self documentation project on discovery path A) my conflicting shortcut-key assignment in using Moom. my slowing down and reflecting on what I think the API and what the UI are really telling me. Bug: TEST Evernote shortcut-keys for Copy Note Link does NOT appear to work; Mouse and menu DOES work TEST NoteLink: Bug: Evernote shortcut-keys for Copy Note Link does NOT appear to work; Mouse and menu DOES work URL: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s264/sh/01b20faf-81e3-4e99-a83c-8457eb52a353/e04b5ab94abd2b9730db77d658899251 Ticket: support ticket #678529. To the Evernote team: Full Editor Suggestion in the Forum It would be great if the Paste preserved the links, I had to paste and manually copy the link onto the selected style lines above, ... a bit of a cludge work around and prone to error.
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