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  1. Ok, well I've got into the habit of using file/quit to close down every time and not using the cross - looks as though I'll have to go back to using the cross to close down once I have EN setup how I want it
  2. Whoops, sorry, didn't realise this was an Android sub forum No, this procedure doesn't work for me, if I'm on the home page and quit EN then it will open on the home page, but if I then navigate to another page and quit EN it will open on that last page - not on the home page. We just need an option in the preferences section as to what page EN opens each time. I've now sent a request via the feedback option
  3. Could we have the option to have the home page load at startup. In theory the home page could/should be useful but as it doesn't load at startup it becomes a bit pointless as you have to navigate to it before viewing it.
  4. Ok, I was using the X in the top right of the window, didn't realise there was a difference - the X also closes the programme down, according to the task manager. Anyway using your method works, thanks
  5. Having problems getting Evernote (v10.13.4) to open in full screen, always opens in a window, if I get it into full screen mode and close it down, next day its back to a window again. I can't find any option to change this (Using Windows 8.1) Paul
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