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  1. Loving the reminders feature, but would like to see a badge in the iOS versions until all the tasks for that day have been completed (just like the Reminders app). Looking forward to future updates, including recurring reminders.
  2. I do use it as an everyday task list, but it is because I'm committed to using only one tool for all tasks. I agree it's great for longer-running tasks, and a little bit of a pain to use for quick todos. But I think if Evernote tries to be both a great archiver and an easy to use todo-list, it will fail at both. I'd rather they choose to be a great archiver, optimize for that scenario, and then try their best to improve their "todo" functionality within the confines of those product principles. Completely agree with this. I have been using EN for larger project tasks and Outlook Tasks/Reminders on iOS for smaller 'to-dos' and recurring tasks, but would prefer just to use EN for all to save looking at different apps.
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