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  1. Did you find a way to resolve this? I've re-created, re-authorized, turned off/on the applet and still cannot get ifttt to append from instapaper highlights (same title)
  2. It’s surprising to me that with the release of the apple pencil, goodnotes, and many other competing handwritten notes apps that penultimate/EN haven’t innovated in any way. It’s a shame that handwritten notes don’t get much love in an app called everNOTE. Please EN, you are the center of my digital brain, invest in handwritten notes!! <3
  3. Hello, I've spent the last two months with my new apple pencil, trying to love penultimate, but running into some major problems with my day-to-day workflow that are quite frustrating. All of these issues are likely due to various integration challenges which I cannot even begin to fathom, but here are my headaches, fix them how you will: 1. When a user creates a new note in evernote and selects 'draw' there should be an option to default into penultimate. Ideally, it would be the same penultimate experience running natively within the EN app. 2. When a user creates a new note i
  4. I would also like to see more continuity between the devices. Most notably tags.
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