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  1. I have to say that, apart from when I initially upgraded, I haven't experienced this issue again. I'm not sure why but so far I'm cautiously optimistic that, in cases such as mine at least, the thing has been sorted. It sounds like this agreement with O2 has been badly implemented by EN and their support has not exactly covered them in glory in dealing with it. I do hope they are addressing it for others. I have to say that here in the UK O2 are not known for stellar customer support either so who knows what the reason is. The app is a great product but it seems to met that it is being let down by poor support and an apparently haphazard response to customer issues. I know that support isn't the total company but when you buy something be it a car, a guitar, a camera, or an app, you need to know the manufacturer is there for you if things go wrong. It's pretty much impossible to separate it from the product IMHO and EN should do better in this regard.
  2. Well so far, the ads haven't returned, but when it did come it was a real big full screen one not like the one you can stop from appearing on the home page by adjusting settings. It was like the one I had to start with. I do hope it's gone and if it's just a case of it happening with the new install and it won't come back then that would obviously a good thing. i will just have to wait and hope it's gone.
  3. Well I've logged in and out and the settings stayed the same as I left them? I don't know what's happening but I haven't seen the O2 ad again since 8th March. Hmm. I'm really hoping it's gone but how can I be sure? Ideally I'd ask the support department but they won't know so I'll keep an eye on this forum and hope for the best
  4. Fair enough, and at the moment there's no indication that there's a security problem. However, they have consistently shown that they don't know what's going on about this issue and they're giving a good impression of a company in disarray. If they had said something like: " Thanks for your comments. We're aware some customers are having these issues and we're trying to resolve this with our commercial partners Please bear with us while we manage this situation. We will keep you up to date with what's going on. Meantime we have instructed our support staff on how to respond to customer contact about this issue. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused while we sort this out " That would have been fine. But that's not what they've done. They've said it's fixed and it isn't and their support don't seem to understand what's going on despite this problem being raised on here several times. Communication from their support people has been a farce. I've had so many emails from them one after the other. These mails all saying different things First asking for a screenshot. Then explaining the ad to me! Then saying the problem is resolved. Then saying they apologise I'm having issues and once again asking me to send a screenshot and on and on. All this doesn't make me feel secure about their abilities. The problem is that I don't trust them to sort things when there's an issue and I don't trust them to have a handle on how their app is performing for many customers. I don't have confidence in them so I can't trust them with my data or security. Given their poor performance and the ability of their support staff to address an issue, I can't feel confident about any aspect of their organisation or communications or their ability to solve issues that arise. I do appreciate your reply and your raising this and I thank you for it, but I really have run out of goodwill with EN.
  5. It's mind boggling how they can be so inept. In my relatively short time with EN, I've been really pleased with the app, so much so that I upgraded to premium soon after signing up. It seemed like exactly what i was looking for. Now I see their total inability to communicate with customers meaningfully and their absolutely ridiculous support team has completely swung my opinion of them around. I just don't get how they can be so disdainful of their customers. They really are taking the proverbial here. What a shower. I suppose they are mainly concerned with getting advertisers money and not their app users, perhaps most of whom are free, and this is the root of the problem here. For me, though, the biggest issue is that after the way they've ignored purchasers over this and the way they've been so unconcerned about the customer experience, I wouldn't trust them to hold my data and any important messages safe. This is pretty serious because they only exist to manage our information safely. There's no point in having a company handle your information who are so utterly disinterested and/or incompetent. I like the app and the way it words re messages but I don't trust them, I won't ever trust them, and I will not be giving them any responsibility for anything important to me in the future. I will probably use the app for a bit until I find a decent company who does something similar but certainly not for important stuff. They can keep the odd recipe or piece of internet trivia but that's it! I'm really annoyed I paid them a penny though. Anyway, I'm giving up on this now because this lot aren't worth talking to. Good luck and thanks to everyone on here who's been supportive and nice and listened to me. I thank you all and wish you well
  6. My mistake. The ad has now popped up filling the whole screen and back to being more irritating than previously. Evernote you really are a joke. If you can't even manage this simple thing it's beyond me how you can manage a company. Not only is ever single person on your support team that I've dealt with surprised by the pop up exists, asking me the same old questions as if they've need heard of it and going through the same time wasting screen shots time after time, but even when it gets escalated and you say you are now aware of what is happening on your app and that you're sorting it out, you've failed to do so. What a lousy way to treat customers. It makes me feel stupid that I was so grateful that you stopped harassing me with your annoying ads. How ridiculous. I really regret paying for your app. I should have stuck with the free version. At least then I'd have known I was the product not the customer.
  7. Thank you for your help. It worked and at last this irritation is gone. I appreciate EN listening and sorting it.
  8. Well gbarry I just upgraded to the latest version today, which is 7.3.1 hoping that the ad would be gone. Not really. I still get a tab right at the top of my welcome screen saying "Activate Premium". I thought I'd give it a go and tried once more to activate it which involved getting a code from O2 and then entering it into a form. I then got a message saying that as I was already on Premium I could use the code to get points to use to increase upload ability or other things. I gave it a go and then got a message saying something along the lines of "it seems this offer has already been used, please contact support" As you can imagine I don't really want to speak to EN support and get one of their insulting generic mails asking for screenshots and then getting a whole load of other mail, none of which addresses the issue, so it looks like in the meantime I'm stuck with it. I cannot understand why this should be difficult for EN to resolve. If there's a way for me to remove this "Activate Premium" tab please can you tell me how to do it?
  9. Actually I just found out it didn't get sorted out. I did get the additional year with the 120 points but I updated to the new version of EN on my iPhone and it's there again. Not quite as dominating as in previous encounters but still at the very top of my menu list whenever I start EN. I did the usual and applied for the points only to be told that I had already redeemed the offer but the damnable advert remains. I contacted EN support and got one of their insulting emails; obviously a generic one they send when they can't or can't be bothered to answer the question asked. It asked me to go through a process trying to reproduce the issue and mail it. Well it is right there on the menu and if they can't take the time to look at their own app interface there's little point in contacting them. I get the impression their support is totally disorganised. I have had repeat mails about the same issue all saying different things and the only one that helped was the one that sorted out my points as above. I am still receiving mails from them about that issue even though it was resolved at the time. Pretty dire stuff!
  10. Sorry no offence intended. I hope I haven't made you too grumpy In any case I am grateful for the help. I also just got a free year extension to my EN Premium account because of the O2 deal. EN support fixed it for me so I'm pleased about that. The ads have also disappeared so all good. If the initial couple of contacts with EN had been as helpful then I wouldn't have felt the need to post as I did. Anyway, all sorted now
  11. Thanks GreedyMonkey for your support. If EN had responded to my issue in a different way I'd not have posted the way I did but .... Anyway, maybe with a number of people complaining, things will change. Imagenomad that's not good. I'm sort of similar because I just get a message saying "the offer has expired" when I try to action it. A bit of a shambles really.
  12. Hi GrumpyMonkey. Thank you. Ignore activated now. I do hope they are listening and I do appreciate the points you make about their decision-making. I could understand if the free version had ads but not when you've paid. Maybe EN think this particular ad shows a benefit for users and maybe to many it does, but as you also say, it would be fine if you could turn it off. I know I've been having a bit of a rant, but I find it frustrating and a shame that this company which has produced what is basically a really great and useful app is lessening the user experience in this way.
  13. cdissler. What a pointless post. I won't waste any more time on it. Burgern'Fries. Thanks for the link. Seems to be a problem EN have brought on us deliberately. I note from the linked post our good friend cdissier has a bee in his bonnet about this issue. Is there an ignore button on this site? chirmer. Sadly there isn't a button to help and two goes at getting EN to solve it bore no fruit so seems no point in trying them and so I will continue to raise it as an annoyance on this forum and others.
  14. Hi gbarry. Thanks for the offer but I've spoken to EN support on two occasions about this. I've sent screenshots and explained it to them twice. All they did was explain the ad to me as if I couldn't understand it. As I said above they simply said it was an offer and did not give me any solution. I was surprised they didn't know O2 and EN were in some sort of deal about this. I'm on O2 but the ads only come up in EN and on Apple IOS. Having already opened two support tickets I don't really feel there's much more to be done. EN have decided to inflict these ads on paid up users which is disgraceful. What rubs salt in the wound is that the offers aren't even accepted when I tried to follow it up just to be rid of the thing.
  15. I am a premium account holder and I'm getting plagued by ads from O2 being plastered all over my screen when I start up EN. They're a disgraceful abuse of my account given that I pay for it. I wrote to EN support who were brilliant enough to explain what the advert said over again as if I couldn't have understood it the first time round or every other time I have to put up with the thing. Anway as support were totally useless I decided the only thing I could do was to accept the offer to get rid of the ad. Well guess what? After being passed through some screens I got a message that it seemed the offer had expired. Brilliant. So this worthless ad is going to be pestering me for the duration of my stay with EN and I'm paying this dreadful company for the privilege. This is an absolute disgrace. When are these people going to wake up to the fact that abusing your customers is one way to ensure they don't come back?
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