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  1. No, I hadn't. So I just did and nothing has changed. I also closed the app and restarted it.
  2. I'm running v7.14 under Catalina. In my desktop app, I do not have the ability to move a new notebook to an existing stack. All the Google entries plus the Evernote help here on their site says the "more options" ellipsis in the new notebook should have a "move to stack" option and I don't have that (see screenshot). I don't know why that first option is greyed out. Right clicking on the notebook in the sidebar doesn't have it and dragging and dropping into the stack doesn't work.
  3. https://www.macobserver.com/news/macos-sierra-pdf-bugs/ https://9to5mac.com/2017/01/03/sierra-preview-pdf-errors-scansnap/
  4. I was lucky, saw the warning from Fujitsu before upgrading to Sierra, so I have stayed on El Capitan. I've read that Sierra 10.12.1 fixed the problem, but now I'm hearing that Apple broke it again with 10.12.2. What's the latest with that? Did Apple retract that version? I find myself in the situation where I'm getting disk errors on my mid-2012 MacBook Air and I think It's time to get a new computer. It will come preloaded with Sierra. I run Evernote for Mac 6.10 and Evernote for Windows on my work computer. I don't know if it's good or bad to use both but absent any nasty bug
  5. I'm posting this in Mac because that's where I do most of my Evernote work, but I also use the Windows version at work and I'm seeing the same behavior in it: When I scan in a document, a new note is created and a PDF created as per my scanner settings. The first page of the PDF is displayed in the note. When I drag-and-drop a PDF file from my computer into a new note, all I see is the filename, date and time, and file size. Like a header. I would like to be able to see the first page of the pdf just liked the scanned-in notes. Is there a setting that controls this that I'm
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