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  1. I did indeed. And this is it... Ticket# 2668286. Thank you again for your assistance.
  2. Hi, Thank you for your reply. The issue is that I upgraded to a Premium Subscription and later deactivated my Account. Upon reactivation I found I was back to Basic level even though I'm fully paid up for Premium level through October 17th, 2018. Needing to chat with the Support folks to have full Premium privileges reinstated. Hopefully, a direct reply to my Support Ticket will arrive soon.
  3. Haven't received a reply so far to a Support Ticket submitted 27 hours ago. How long in general is the wait period? Thanks for any/all assistance.
  4. Please add some color to your desktop application. ( Like OneNote. ) Also, more formatting options per the left-side panels. ( Color, text/font, bolding, etc. ) ( Including Stack titles. ) The app. is just too bland, too confusing, as it is. Thank you.
  5. Suggestion... Make Evernote more colorful a la OneNote and allow formatting within the Left Panel and the Notes List. Bolding and Font Change and Text Color and Highlighting and so on. Vastly improving the product. Far more usable. Thank you!
  6. Same here. Was feeling frustrated this AM and sent the following message to the [ Support ] folks... All systems are running smoothly? Yeah, right!!! What, exactly, am I PAYING for here??? I configure the program MY way and the next time I open same it's back to the DEFAULT settings!!! EVERY freaking time!!! What the HELLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Update... Support person [ Ava ] replied with a helpful link. The bottom line: Exit Evernote via... [ File -> Exit ] Configuration changes remain as set! A frustrating issue solved. Not exactly intuitive but I'm grateful.
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