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  1. The easiest way to export (in my experience) is to import everything using DEVONthink (Mac), which is probably one of the most robust personal information managers out there. Is this a plug for DEVONthink in an Evernote forum? Not exactly (skip to the last paragraph if you’d like). Evernote has some amazing features that even after 10 years still puts it ahead of every other app out there, in my opinion. The handwriting recognition, snappy sync, effortless note creation / editing / management on multiple platforms, for example, still impress me after a decade with the service. With all of these great features, I wouldn’t be using anything else, except... I need more security (encrypted database) for my work (handling personal data about others), and the days of thinking it was OK to have un-encrypted databases on the cloud are long gone (it was never OK for me, but after 2013, you’d think no one would accept such a state of affairs), but for some reason, Evernote refuses to invest in better security (zero-knowledge encrypted notes / notebooks). Too bad. BUT, if I didn’t have to handle personal data, and I was like a lot of folks in this thread (if you are moving out of Evernote into Google, it seems to me that confidentiality isn’t a primary concern), I’d be wary of leaving Evernote. Heck, I still use Evernote for my research, and even pay for premium, because it is just too useful to leave. DEVONthink is a brilliant product with the best (?) security available (password protected app and zero-knowledge encrypted databases), but a lot of the things I mentioned that were great about Evernote are weaker or non-existent in DEVONthink. For example, I think it is fair to say that DEVONthink is the primary reason I would find it difficult to leave the Apple-verse, despite the problems with my keyboards (some Mac folks can probably sympathize with this dilemma). Anyhow, if your question is how to leave Evernote, my answer would be that Evernote is exceedingly portable (it’s one of their three “laws”), and DEVONthink does the best (in my opinion) at extracting the data in a workable format. If you are on Windows, maybe it’s time to switch to a Mac EDIT: LOL. I just got a message that my content will need to be approved by a moderator. After 11,000 posts, you’d think I’d be beyond that. And, I thought I was a moderator... Anyhow, I hope this gets posted, because I think it benefits everyone to know they CAN easily get out, but maybe they should take another look at what they want to get out of the service and what Evernote offers before throwing out the baby with the bath water. EDIT 2: Whoops. Maybe I logged in with the wrong account. 0 posts after ten years? LOL. My bad. (“Grumpy Monkey”)
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