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  1. Dear Evernote, I can't imagine how you can be adding annoying features (related notes popup) and not fix a show-stopper, severe, major bug that causes data loss. Just installed version 5.8.3 on Windows. Undo after paste into note is still broken. I actually hate you because of this. Tomasz Minkowski, Premium user.
  2. It would be great to have shortcuts (or to make it configurable) to change font color to specific usable color, lets have 4: black green red blud Colors can greatly enhance the clarity and communicative power of a note, but changing colors with dialogs is too slow - especially when you take notes during a meeting. So: Ctrl + Shift + B - color to black Ctrl + Shift + R - color to red Ctrl + Shift + G - color to green Ctrl + Shift + U - color to blue Whadya say?
  3. I have to admit that the fact that a bug like this is lurking in a non-abandoned software in 2013 is baffling me.
  4. I was able to reach my desired effect by external batch resizing and a horizontal line (ctrl shift -). When I think of it, this is a much better way than resizing in Evernote, since now I have a one-click script that copies my snappy snaps from the camera and resizes them. Just pick and paste to evernote. So I am withdrawing my vote (I know my voting is the 'occasional laugh material', but nevermind for implementation of resizing. Thank you for your suggestion gazumped.
  5. Just a word on resizing images. Evernote is great and I fully appreciate the argument that it's not be a word processor, spreadsheet or a publishing package. But it is to be a super convenient tool to dump and recall our thoughts. Putting photo snaps in a note seems only natural, but the problem is, that: When an image is not margined/padded+bordered and not visible as a whole, the communicative power of the image is seriously compromised. There is good reason for paintings having frames, and photos having passepartout. Not to mention that now I see only half of my photos on my widescreen - this actually makes me not want to put photos in notes anymore. So - image manipulation is not needed, but being able to make it proper (visible on monitor) size and margins, ideally a lightweight border, is crucial to using photo snaps and images at all in a note.
  6. One more vote. A very annoying bug. Please fix!
  7. If there was a voting mechanism, I would just simply vote for this feature. Since I don't see one, I'm writing a whole post! Please bump this feature a little bit in your todo-log. It is currently the biggest glitch for me in otherwise an amazing experience of working with evernote. Best regards, Recent Evernote Convert (paying user)
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