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  1. RavBoy, - Regarding your observation #2: CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+A did nothing for me. By the way, I couldn't find this shortcut mentioned on Evernote's website, or anywhere else. Might there be a typo in what you wrote? - To answer your question about why I wouldn't store the Word file in the EN note: under Windows 7 (which I just upgraded from and still have on another computer): Evernote stores attached Word files in its Databases/Attachments folder; and since I have a great many Word docs to deal with, I don't take up a huge amount of disk space if I have an alternative (i.e., what I desc
  2. I've been using Evernote under Windows for many years, but now I'd like to start using it on the Mac. The Windows version has an Options menu that lets the user specify various options; the screenshot shows shortcut options, which I'm most concerned about at this point). But I can't find these options (or any options) in the Mac version. Does the Mac version provide any shortcut options somewhere? Or any options at all?
  3. I just upgraded to Windows 10 (running Evernote from Windows 7 (running Evernote In Win 7, Evernote has, in addition to the green Evernote icon near the left side of the Windows taskbar, a white Evernote icon that appears in the System Tray (aka Notification Area) at the right side of the taskbar. I don't see any way to get this white Evernote icon to appear with Win 10. The reason I'd like to get it working (or a workaround) is that -- when its settings are set to "Copy Selection," I select text in a Microsoft Word file, and then click this white Evernote
  4. I didn't realize until I read this topic that there was a distinction between what is called in the Word and Resource Counts dialog "PDF documents" and "PDF documents with Evernote OCR." Please clarify -- for each of those (in Windows) -- whether or not attaching a PDF file to a Note (i.e., appearing in a Note) increases the size of the Evernote database on my computer by the size of the file. (I have many large PDF files that I would have liked to attach within Evernote so that I could search for text in them, but chose not to because I had gotten the impression that doing so would incre
  5. The reduction in the line length (due to the new table functionality) in v6.6.4 has a substantial detrimental impact on my workflow, since I now would need to scroll vertically more frequently. Consequently, I would like to revert to (i.e., re-install) an earlier version of Evernote. Can this be done, and if so, how?
  6. After I upgraded to v6.6.4, all notes now have margins 10x wider than before. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. Whoops; I overlooked the "or if you have the left panel closed" in your preceding message.
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