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  1. I didn't realize until I read this topic that there was a distinction between what is called in the Word and Resource Counts dialog "PDF documents" and "PDF documents with Evernote OCR." Please clarify -- for each of those (in Windows) -- whether or not attaching a PDF file to a Note (i.e., appearing in a Note) increases the size of the Evernote database on my computer by the size of the file. (I have many large PDF files that I would have liked to attach within Evernote so that I could search for text in them, but chose not to because I had gotten the impression that doing so would increase the size of the EN database by the size of the PDF file, and I didn't want the EN data to get humongous because I expected that would increase loading and search times.)
  2. The reduction in the line length (due to the new table functionality) in v6.6.4 has a substantial detrimental impact on my workflow, since I now would need to scroll vertically more frequently. Consequently, I would like to revert to (i.e., re-install) an earlier version of Evernote. Can this be done, and if so, how?
  3. After I upgraded to v6.6.4, all notes now have margins 10x wider than before. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. Whoops; I overlooked the "or if you have the left panel closed" in your preceding message.
  5. Right-clicking in the search panel does nothing for me (under Windows 7).
  6. I just noticed while updating to v5.8.11.8117 that the updater/installer ran the Java Quick Starter service (jqs.exe). I thought most everyone stopped using Java a couple years ago due to some malware. Can Evernote be updated if I disable this service? (I'm running Win XP.)
  7. I downloaded and attempted to install a new version of Evernote, but got a message during the install procedure that it can't be used with the Mac OS version I have installed -- which is 10.7.2. I had already uninstalled the earlier version of Evernote, and so now I cannot use it on the Mac. (For reasons beyond my control, I can't upgrade the OS right now.) Is there some way I can download the latest version of Evernote that works on OS X 10.7.2?
  8. I got the Web Clipper 6 beta installed and working in Firefox 33.0.2. But I encountered a couple minor problems: - After a half-dozen or so clips, the next time I click the icon the dialog pops up, but nothing happens when I click the Save button after selecting a clip type. - After I close it, now when I do a Google search a window showing related notes pops up -- even though I have "Show recommendations" in the preferences unchecked. Where/how do I report bugs for the beta version?
  9. Thanks for offering to help! Here's what I submitted in the ticket: ~~~ I was happily using Evernote Web Clipper in Firefox 23 (with Win XP SP3), then finally decided to upgrade Firefox. First I reset Firefox to clear out any gunk, then upgraded first to Firefox 29, and then to Firefox 33. Then I tried to install Web Clipper. First I tried installing from the Add-ons page within Firefox. Every time I do this I get the message "There was an error installing Evernote Web Clipper." Then I tried installing from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/evernote-web-clipper/ . Every time I do this I get the message "Evernote Web Clipper could not be installed because Firefox cannot modify the needed file." I didn't have this problem with Evernote Clearly, nor with any other add-on. ~~~
  10. jbignert, I have this same issue and submitted a support ticket as you suggested, but half a week has gone by and I have not received any reply (other than the automated confirmation email, which said that I would get a reply within one business day). What can I do to get a reply? Thanks.
  11. I submitted a request for Tech Support last Wednesday and have not received a response (other than the automated confirmation email, containing a ticket number) -- even after sending a follow-up email. The confirmation email I received said I would get a reply within 1 business day, but a half week has passed and I have not gotten a reply. I have a Premium account. Is this unusual, or do lots of people get ignored by Tech Support? Is there anything further I can do to get a reply? (I'm not aware of any phone number I could call.)
  12. After updating a week or two ago, I took a screenshot using the OSX built-in keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Command-3 (not Evernote's shortcut or Helper) -- which normally puts the screenshot (not a file) onto the Clipboard -- and I got an Evernote message (presumably Evernote intercepted the native shortcut) saying that Evernote could now put the screenshot into a file and paste a link to the file into a note, and asking whether I wanted to do that. I told it to go ahead and do it. However, after using this new feature a few times, I've decided I'd rather paste the screenshot itself into a new note that I create, rather than pasting a link to the file. I presumed there would be some way I could revert to the OSX built-in behavior via a preference or an option, but I couldn'd find any. Is there any way to revert?
  13. I'm trying it in v4.6.7, not v5. Pressing Ctrl+Click does not do a multiselect; it just selects one tag at a time. Are there some other conditions that are required in order for this to work in v4?
  14. I'm using v4.6.7 and pressing Ctrl+Click does not do a multiselect; it just selects one tag at a time. What else is necessary in order for this to work?
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