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  1. Might just be something screwy with my system.
  2. Hmm, what do you mean by showing the results with TextEdit? It is opened in Sublime Text. I also see the same when I open it in Atom, another text editor. It doesn't look any better if I open it in TextEdit.
  3. Yeah, generally plist files are text. I'm not sure why I couldn't open this Evernote one without seeing a bunch of special characters. What I see looks is attached. Further on it looks even worse. The benefit is that I can easily wipe my machine and get back to exactly where I was before, or send my configuration to someone else. I can also save it to Git and see how my configuration has changed over time.
  4. I've got some basic personalization in my macOS app preferences. I would like to save these into my configuration Git repository ("dotfiles"). Is there a way to do that? If not, my idea is that I should be able to do that. It seems that some of the settings are saved into Library/Preferences/com.evernote.Evernote.plist but that's not a text file. I moved it over to my new computer and it didn't seem to work.
  5. "+1 for adding cmd-z to undo auto-correct but keep word (same for backspace + retype). This constantly frustrates me." Agreed. I'm downloading an Evernote alternative as we speak because of this. After paying premium for several years, I'm tired of the way that Evernote just seems to get worse for me.
  6. Thanks JMichaelTX, I emailed into support to be sure and they confirmed what you said.
  7. So if I want to search for the specific string "c++", is there a way to do that?
  8. Rule #1 of good software development: listen to your users. I don't think Evernote has really been listening to their users for a long time. That's why they don't have a way to upvote and categorize feature requests. I understand that they did but they got rid of it. It's not that to start something like uservoice. It all comes down to management, and it is clear that Evernote has dysfunctional management. The good news is that this leaves an opportunity open for a good competitor. I actually primarily use Nixnote as my user interface, but it doesn't have a strong developer base and the one developer is retreating back from it. So I'm evaluating my options and maybe someday I'll try to write something up myself.
  9. I've attached four PDF documents using the web version. These PDFs range from a dozen pages to a couple hundred pages. Web evernote (haven't tried desktop except for nixnote) doesn't seem to show these attachments separately; instead, I can scroll through the pages inside the note. So I can easily download the first note, but to find the second note I have to keep scrolling down for dozens or hundreds of pages. So is there a way to change it so that these attachments just list themselves?
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