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  1. Columns maintaining their width attribute is not an 'advanced' feature, nor is it an edge case, and simple table functions worked just fine for a very long time. Unless Apple did something very very different in iOS there is simply no reason for something this basic to persist for so long without a solution. If it is that difficult to keep tables stable then just remove the feature (sounds like a lot of Evernote users utilize them frequently enough).
  2. Grazie mille (thanks a million) Ellen - for your most coherent and helpful response. Edge cases are never easy to focus on (us software engineers do not look forward to that meeting with the product owner) but can really influence the quality perception for the product. Looking forward to the update that resolves this one.
  3. Finding it hard to believe the source of this problem is not known to Evernote (after all they thought it was fixed with 8.2.1). Maybe they are working on more pressing bugs but it would be nice to understand the 'target' date for the fix on their roadmap - checking for new info every day is getting a bit tiresome.
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