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  1. Also, to clarify the above, I open new notes in a new window and that's when the bug occurs. [Tools:Options:Note:Open new note in a new window] When a new note is opened within the Evernote pane it works fine.
  2. Yesterday I updated to v and have found that while inside a notebook, when I click the "New Note" button to open a new note within the notebook, it works fine at first. As soon as I start typing in the note or try to paste something it bumps me out of the notebook I was in to the "All Notes" view. I then have to scroll down the Notebook list and re-select the notebook I was working in. It's frustrating as I frequently create 10 or more notes within a single notebook at a time. Has anyone else noticed this behavior?
  3. I couldn't agree more. The list of notebooks is very difficult to see and it's all to fit in a pointless and redundant "New Note" button. Another issue I'm having with version 6.9 is when I try to search within a notebook stack evernote automatically selects all notebooks. I can search an individual notebook no problem but when i select a stack it searches all notes. I've tried fiddling with the clear context option with no luck. Another issue i have is in notes with in-line pdfs. When i click away from evernote and then place the curser back into the note, it automatically sends the curser to the bottom of the note on the next keystroke. No matter where I place the curser it always skips to the bottom of the note on the next keystroke. Evernote for me is more than just a collection of random notes, it's become an important part of my workflow which is why i don't mind paying the premium pricing. It's very frustrating to have parts of my workflow broken every time evernote updates. In my opinion, all new "features" should have an on/off option in settings. Also, I don't understand why i can't control the font size of the different sections within the app. *** Correction - just double checked the curser issue and it seems to be fixed.
  4. I agree, I don't even use the new note button, i use mouse gestures to open new notes and the notebook pane now looks more cluttered and bunched together. As someone who constantly switches notebooks and drags and drops notes to different notebooks this change is unwelcome. As a power user I'd like more control over the appearance of my notebook pane, beyond color. I'd like to change the font and size of text in the pane so I don't have to squint.
  5. I also had this problem but it was corrected in the last update (6.9)
  6. Nope. I've had a 20GB Evernote database with 25,000+ notes on an SSD, a hybrid drive, and a HDD. Same thing. Same infernal lockups. Now I am no longer using a "business plan" and my database is 7GB or so with 15,000 notes, and it still does the same thing. It freezed on me daily, and this machine is a new install of EN just a few months ago. So, glad it worked for you. I have equally compelling anecdotal evidence that it isn't the cure. What would fix it, IMHO, is to destroy the current EN database in Windows and do what they do on the Mac - every note is a separate file. No more messing around internally in a 20GB file. Just messing with the note or notes you use of a few KB to a few MB. My 2015 Macbook (you know, the one that has a 1.1GHz to 1.3GHz processor?) absolutely ran circles around my WIndows laptop with a 2.7GHz four core i7 mobile processor with a hybrid drive. My new work machine is much lighter weight, 3.1GHz i5 Dell beige box. I never said it was the cure, just trying to offer ideas and help people out. Others on this thread recommended it, I tried it, it worked.
  7. I'd just like to reiterate that upgrading to a solid state hard drive worked wonders for me regarding this issue. I know EdH shot down the idea because his hybrid drive showed no improvement but I now have 20,000 notes, all multi page pdf and multi photo jpg notes (19.9GB database) and Evernote Windows very rarely hangs on me. I went from freezing every single day for minutes at a time to getting maybe 2 freezes a month for only a few seconds each. Not sure why it would work for some and not others, maybe the difference in transfer rates between different drives. Not all SSDs are created equal.
  8. I'd like to offer an update on my situation here. In the past month i upgraded my pc from a 2.3ghz core2duo with mechanical hd to a 3.2ghz Core i5 with solid state hd. RAM stayed the same. After the initial sync which took a long time (13,000 notes, mostly pdf and jpg), I've found i no longer suffer from screen freezes and "not responding" issues. Not once. I rely on Evernote heavily and on a daily basis. In the past i had to turn off auto sync because it would freeze in the middle of a work call when I'd be taking notes or searching for information. Since upgrading my hardware i haven't had an issue. I can auto sync every 30 minutes without fear. I can't say for sure which upgrade solved the issue for me, the processor or the ssd, most likely a combination of the two. I can say that a ssd is a much cheaper and easier upgrade than a cpu. I realize this isn't an option for everybody but if you're wondering if a hardware upgrade will improve usability, in my experience it does.
  9. Thanks, northxnortheast, with your help I was able to optimize the database. Not sure if this actually improved anything, the test being how well Evernote keeps up with my workflow. Time will tell...
  10. I'm having the same problem with Evernote "Not Responding" in Windows 7. I annotate my business calls in Evernote but I've learned to keep a pen and pad handy for these frustrating situations. I've started Evernote with the [Debug] menu however it doesn't show an option for "Optimize Database." The options I show are: Test Feature Walk Message Boxes Recreate Note Images Recreate Note Snippets Fix Business Tags I'm using version, the latest version as of today. Am I missing something? Is there another way to optimize the database?
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