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  1. Am I really the only one still getting the iTunes Store login prompt with iOS version 8.1?
  2. +1 for 1Password - been using it for years. User name/pw logins, secure notes, credit cards, etc.
  3. I'm still getting the App Store sign-in prompt with version 8.1. iPhone 6 and iPad mini retina running iOS 10.2.1.
  4. Weird - tried again today, without doing anything different, and it downloaded fine. Thanks for the suggestion anyway, gazumped.
  5. I had two apps to update in iTunes, one of which was Evernote version 7.16. The other app downloaded fine, however I got this popup error. "There was a problem downloading "Evernote - capture notes..." An unknown error occurred (502). Anyone else get this? Anyone have a fix? TIA.
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