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  1. "and I've got all of my sensitive data in a Local Notebook" I think it is easy for me to understand the steps given by GM. So I will go with it. What did you mean by "Local Drive"? . can i have a similar thing done for sensitive data using a potable external drive.?
  2. Learnt one thing only now -Password protect and Encryption are 2 things. Thanks for that. I will definitely encrypt my drives. Can i ask you further if I have trouble in doing so.
  3. Thanks again. I may be a pain until I am sure of what I got to do. . sorry about that. My home PC has password to log into (at the start up of windows 8). My Ipad has the same and also the office PC. Are these the protections that you refer to for each device? or is it something else. Now think like this. Let's say we have all our devices password protected to start them running. And lets say I log in with my password and start working on my home pc. Evernote which is one of the applications in my PC now becomes accessible. Can an outsider through the internet also have access to the files (immaterial that the device had a password)
  4. Thanks for that advise GM. May be I have not correctly understood everything you said. My concern is this. I realize that evernote gets synchronized on my home PC , on my office PC om my mobile as well as the Ipad since all of them run the application. My fear is that the chances of hacking my notes is multiple as every device has evernote installed.how would you protect that happening? sorry GM - it would be much appreciated if you could explain in the most simplest way. Cheers
  5. I understand that you can protect an "individual note" . But is there a way to password protect the execution of entire Evernote program? Meaning that, one will have to type a password to OPEN evernote. Thanks Darrel
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