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  1. I also had the same problem last night. I'd been using Evernote on my desktop for more than a year for one continuous to-do list. I sometimes viewed the list from my phone. Last night I opened my laptop and pressed sync, hoping that would give me access to the to-do list on my laptop since I'm traveling this weekend. The sync wiped out the year-long to-do list with lots of valuable information. It was my understanding that Evernote saves automatically, without my having to press save. Is that right? One person in this thread keeps saying the problem is that we don't keep pressing sync after each time we add to a note. Bu I thought that the genius of Evernote was that it did all this automatically, similar to the way Google docs works - that I didn't have to press save at all. If I need to change my habits of using Evernote - or simply if I need to use a different program for my to-do list, I'd love to know this in advance! I'm about to submit a ticket - if I can find where to do this - and pray that they can get me back to the recent note. Harriet
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