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  1. BTW, anyone interested in the complete script (which I have fixed to deal with the broken notebook: query directive) for harvesting Evernote notes into OmniFocus, you can find it here: https://gist.github.com/ztj/05117207ab80627baac0 It puts Evernote's native evernote:// note link into the note section of the OmniFocus task which is super great since that works across iOS platforms as well as the Mac to get you to your relevant Evernote note ASAP. The basic gist (no pun intended) is that your default notebook, all notes with "!" tagged, and all notes with incomplete reminders will be scanned. If they lack the "task" tag, a task will be added to OmniFocus's inbox for that note then the note will be tagged. You can easily change the script's idea of what your default notebook is, what the "task" tag should be and what the "!" tag (for forcing a note to be treated as a potential task regardless of location) should be. I personally run this every ten minutes from cron using osascript. Basically the applescript is appended to a shell script that looks like: #!/bin/shexec <"$0" || exit; read v; read v; exec /usr/bin/osascript - "$@"; exitThat causes the shell script to read everything after that second line and pass it into osascript. A handy trick for making an executable applescript for use with cron or other tools on the shell.
  2. Well it's pretty simple. I have an applescript which contained, amongst other similar blocks that I redacted for clarity, the following: tell application "Evernote" set importedTagName to "task" set forceImportTagName to "!" set inboxedTag to tag importedTagName synchronize repeat while isSynchronizing delay (2) end repeat set unprocessedNotes to find notes "notebook:\"All Incoming\" -tag:\"" & importedTagName & "\"" repeat with currentNote in unprocessedNotes set noteTitle to title of currentNote set noteLink to note link of currentNote tell application "OmniFocus" tell default document make new inbox task with properties {name:noteTitle, note:noteLink} end tell end tell assign inboxedTag to currentNote end repeat tell application "OmniFocus" synchronize end tell synchronizeend tellAnd this has worked for some time. However, now, this block makes tasks in OmniFocus for *EVERY* note in my account that lacks the task tag. Running this in the Script Editor makes it clear that the query is simply not restricted by the notebook: directive in any way. It used to be. The query works as expected in the Evernote client's search box. I use several other search queries in nearly identical blocks to add tasks for different conditions (like, new reminders anywhere in the account) and then mark them with the task tag to signify they have been reflected in my todo list (which I used to remind myself to review notes for actual actionable tasks later on.) This particular query is the only one limited by notebook and would be willing to just iterate all the notes in the appropriate notebook and act on those that lacked the task tag, but, I can't figure out any way to do that in AppleScript. It seems impossible to actually tell if a given note has a given tag via AppleScript. I don't claim to be any AppleScript expert, so, I just assume I'm wrong about that. But I have been digging and have never yet seen an example of how to manage this. (Edit: I finally found a way to do some tag comparisons that is workable. Inefficient but workable.) That said, with the old query, it was not necessary and using Evernote via AppleScript was quite easy. And while it's the only query I use that has the notebook: restriction, it's 100% the most important for me.
  3. In AppleScript, in the query string passed to the "find notes" verb, the notebook: directive no longer works at all (Whereas tag: still works as expected). Perhaps there are other problems there as well, but, this is the one I noticed. It has very much broken my integration between Evernote and OmniFocus putting Evernote distinctly on my... "find an alternative product" list. What's especially sad about this bug is that the directive works just fine in the client's own search box. It's bizarre to me that these strings would be parsed differently.
  4. It's a bit of a hack, I'll admit, but, here is what I did. First, I should say that I use Gmail to make this happen. Other services might work, you'll have to consider what they can do with filters. Second, I utilize a feature of email addresses many don't know about. When email systems properly support email address standards you can do something like... say your regular email address was myname@gmail.com, you can send an email to myname+somethingelse@gmail.com and it will still arrive in your own inbox. The To: field will include the whole myname+somethingelse@gmail.com even though officially your email address is still just myname@gmail.com. This feature is mainly useful for making filters more reliably based on the source of the email. For example, you could use it to figure out where spam came from. If you sign up for a seedy service that needs your email you can do myname+seedyservicename@gmail.com then when you get some unexpected spam or whatever, you can see if that full thing is in the to: field. In my case, I use myname+ifttt@gmail.com as my IFTTT email address. So now, all of my IFTTT email actions (the "that" part) send emails to this address. Adding that and a little subject line formatting, I make a filter in gmail that takes email messages from ifttt and forward them on to my evernote upload email address. Then I can use any of the magic email subject syntax that evernote supports to pick a notebook or set a reminder. I configure that in the subject on the email action on IFTTT.com. Now, this doesn't exactly solve the desire to have a checkbox in the body. I'm not sure how I'd do that or if it's possible. But, since Evernote reminders have mainly superseded my past use of checkboxes, I am satisfied with this roundabout solution. The one downside is that IFTTT appends a footer to the email with their logo. It's the only thing about this that bothers me and makes me continue to hope IFTTT adds the ability to create a reminder note as one of the output actions for Evernote.
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