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  1. Really, Nick L.? You guide users to just accept it without explaining what the implications are for security? You could have explained what this dialog box is asking for. Should we not seek to have the least permissions possible, especially for an issue that appears to be a bug? I have dismissed the dialog box by clicking Deny repeatedly until the dialog box no longer presents. The easiest fix is to allow the access. Perhaps you could provide the instructions for how to remove the permission once Evernote resolves the bug.
  2. Hi Everyone, I posted this a while ago when I was a new user and didn't come back to explain my request because of things. When I refer to rich text, I am looking for better text editing capabilities rather than perhaps a strict definition a programmer or product manager might think of in relation to the term "rich text.". I write a LOT in my job and personal life. I use apps that enable me to not only get ideas down but help me present it in a readable, visually appealing manner. But when I come to Evernote, I have to downgrade my expectations for how I can format my text. This leads me to not want to write much in Evernote. Which means I'm not as dependent on it as I could be. This may sound funny but I don't mind being dependent on a great tool. Text editing can be improved in the following ways: Enable drag and drop editing. This is a fundamental editing capability that should be present in any decent text editor. Better table formatting. Tables are kludgy to work with in Evernote. They cannot be adjusted after creation. They have strange behavior when adding text to cells in a new table. I can't select a column or row to insert new, delete or change the size of existing columns or rows. There is no grid line formatting where line weights, types and colors can be modified. Some flexibility with paragraph formatting would be nice. I'd like to define line spacing (single, double) and space between paragraphs. Two or three customizable style formats would be nice, similar to Word's Normal, Heading and Quote paragraph formats. Ability to resize/crop images in notes without having to edit in Skitch. The lack of indent/unindent buttons is frustrating. The lack of a useful color palette is frustrating. I would prefer a palette that presents complementary color groupings because the OS X color tool is pretty weak because I have to custom select colors rather than choose from pre-existing color groupings. Microsoft Office handles groups of colors pretty well. Office's color palettes are grouped by themes and are easily selected. I'm not saying I expect a huge gallery of colors. I would like, however, a gallery that offers more than the basic colors. I've mentioned Word as an example of the features I'd like to see. I don't intend to communicate that I expect Evernote to be a full-featured word processor. Office does text editing right and the newly-released version of OneNote for OS X handles text and layout pretty well. OneNote's table tool is worthy of emulation and to be frank, makes Evernote's table tool look amateurish. The presentation capability in Evernote is cool but because the text editing and layout capabilities in Evernote are slim, I'm not inclined to use it because I expect anything I'm showing to people to look appealing. Evernote's text editing functionality needs to be improved because it is a weak capability in an otherwise fantastic application. I would like Evernote to be not just about notes but about developing ideas. More capability in text editing would help a lot with my ability to build ideas.
  3. Please add Rich Text capability to Evernote. I use the Mac version but I'm sure that others would appreciate it as well. I don't really need any of the premium features but I'll give you a little hint: if Premium inlcuded rich text editing, I'd be more interested in becoming a Premium member. Or give it away free -- that would be cool too. Ironically, this forum allows me to post my request for Evernote rich text capability while using rich text. Thanks for a great tool! Dave
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