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  1. Hi again Barry. I was just relieved I didn't have to wait over a week or something, and have to spend hours trying to work with Google alone to resolve this Im greatful for the swift response , you and the others have been very helpful. Thank you. Stan P.s I've never had trouble like this once with the apple app store. Haha
  2. Thanks again Its appreciated. I rarely subscribe to software apart from Skype and Evernote unless its necessary and makes my life easier. Evernote is a unique program with a brilliant layout, functionality and search functions , and I look forward to using it as always, by far the best. Hopefully I think this little glitch may have been a very unusual occurrence. Nice to meet you both.
  3. Hello again. thanks for your swift response you've both been very helpful. spg SCOTT : My ticket number on my email is " #63505 " . Chris : I went to https://evernote.com/contact/support/ , I clicked on get started under the title " get support or report a problem " , I inserted my account details and subsequently I arrived at a comment box2 with dropdown selections to address the fault and what piece of software I was using. Again thanks ! Regards...
  4. This morning I purchased evernote premium, monthly subscription plan for 4 pounds a month. I have been checking my account status intermittingly throughout the day and I have noticed no change as I am still listed as a free user with 60mb allowance. I have reported this issue to Evernotes technical team although I think its really terrible I pay for something and I have to wait days on an e mail rather than having my problems dealt with in an instant chat , which I should be entitled to really... If Evernote made a disclaimer about account activation periods after purchase, It would be ok because I know at least I would be getting what im paying for but no ; I'm left in the dark and I feel my money has just been ****** against the wall. Has anyone had any problems like this previously ? P.S My premium plan was purchased via android's google play store , I even have the receipt e mailed to me and did rigorous checks and discovered the money has been given to Evernote through external web links on the email. I don't know what's going on ?
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