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  1. It was back briefly for me but now I'm back to the usual "Synchronization failed" error. This is across all of my devices and two separate accounts so I'm ruling out a device/app corruption issue. All of my notes are effectively quarantined on whatever device I wrote/edited them on and having to print out stuff for meetings is frankly a colossal pain in the *****. I think my subscription is due pretty soon so it may be time to investigate other options. Painful to do but if EN are gonna hide in a cupboard anytime they have an issue instead of just informing their users I don't think I'll be staying a customer for much longer.
  2. Is Evernote syncing down? I've been unable to sync for at least the last 10 hours and a search on twitter reveals I'm not the only one. There's nothing mentioned on the status page so I'm beginning to wonder if it's a small subset of users and I'm just unlucky.
  3. Yes, I'm using the version that's live on my GitHub repo. Fire away with the questions.
  4. Hi chaps, Sorry for the lack of response to comments about my script. I'll start keeping an eye on this thread so if anyone needs any pointers to setting it up I can try and help.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, the lack of Tapatalk integration on this forum means I don't visit very often. PHP is generally run on a web server, so to run the script you need some web hosting. I realise this is quite a technical solution and won't suit a lot of people. I wrote it because I couldn't find _anything_ that allowed saving of an entire article. I think IFTTT used to but they've since hobbled it.
  6. I am sure the link/script is very welcome! Ok, here is is. To run the script you would need somewhere to run PHP files but everything else used is freely available. The content saved to Evernote is definitely readable on desktops, iPads, iPhones and a Nook Touch. I've been testing it for a couple of weeks but actually only put it live this morning, how's that for timing? https://github.com/m00min/AddToEvernote
  7. IFTTT only allows you to send an excerpt to Evernote, not the full article. I've got a script running that uses a combination of Pocket (because adding stuff to it is easily done on mobile devices). Pocket is then monitored by IFTTT, which points to a webhook that runs a PHP script that uses the Readability anonymous formatter and then pushes the result to my Evernote Reading project. I didn't like to just post the link as this is my first post here and I don't want to look spammy, but if anyone's interested I will post the link to my script.
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