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  1. There's a small dark arrow to the left of "shortcuts" that you can barely see. You need to click that to expand the list of shortcuts.
  2. Hi, there is a problem with selecting the notebook from within a note. It stalls for a long time with the spinning wheel after you type a few characters to find the notebook you want the note to be in. Something is wrong because this is a very simple task. Please fix this, thanks!
  3. Excluding notebooks is a useful feature that should exist. Vis-a-vis the recent announcement from Evernote about the fact that it allows human beings to read portions of your notes in order to work on fancy machine learning functionality: Evernote consistently focuses on bells and whistles that are unnecessary, when there's lots of basic stuff that still needs to be added. Users have requested many very useful features that are never addressed. It seems like every time I go online to see if something is possible, there's a message from 2014 saying "no it's not possible", and apparently nothing was ever done about it.
  4. Hi, thanks. Yes I'm glad I can toggle the autoformatting for lists and lines, but in my preferences on Mac, I can only toggle them all as a group, with a checkbox for "Keyboard shortcuts automatically create lists, lines, and emojis". I'm just saying I wish I could choose which items get autoformatted. Same with keyboard shortcuts, I wish they were like Photoshop where you can define your own shortcuts. This way the features you use can be linked to convenient or intuitive key combos.
  5. I don't understand why in the latest update of the Evernote desktop client you have statically changed the hotkeys. I want to be able to set my own hotkeys. I also want to be able to determine what things get autoformatted in a note. I do want asterisks to change into bullet points, but I don't want a sequence of dashes to change into a horizontal rule. These options should be opened up so the user can customize, just like in Adobe Photoshop. I love setting my own hotkeys and using them in Photoshop, it makes me so much more productive. If you did this it would make Evernote much more pleasurable to use.
  6. I also would like to have a lock icon to make a note read-only.
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