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  1. I tried that, but the photos are still gigantic, 3/4 to a full page each. Sometimes more.
  2. With so many teachers using Evernote for portfolios, they have to come up with a solution to this and clear options/communication about printing. Evernote is such a great way to get away from printing and paper waste, but every so often it would be awesome to have a simple print function for those of us creating documents with a combination of photos and text (sometimes several photos in one document). Currently it prints with huge photos, or you have to copy and paste into another program and resize the photos by hand. Way too time consuming. The way everything is formatted when you open a URL in a browser on Evernote is so nice. If you could hit an 'export to PDF' button and it would export it in that lovely format with your photos resized to a manageable print size (like they appear on the URL function), it would be SO AWESOME. We might even stop complaining about Evernote doing away with the educator discount. Please, please, please?
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