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  1. Same here. Generally my horizontal lines will not show consistently in recent windows beta versions.
  2. Thanks for the input and I can try that when I have my windows install available but that isn't always my situation. But wouldn't it still be a good idea if one wanted to use the new link format to be able to have an easy edit function? I see two possibilities: Have the web preview page have an Edit Note buttonHave the Go to Notes button open Evernote Web but navigate to the page you were just previewing vs. some default from your last session.I think this would be a much more useful interface for the new note link mechanism.
  3. Just making an update...from what I can tell this issue is still unresolved.
  4. I understand why evernote now uses web links as a more uniform standard. What I don't like is if I open that note and I want to make a quick edit I can't seem to do that. The note opens in a browser in a "read only" mode and if I select "Go to notes" then my last note from my last session opens in evernote web instead of the note that was in the link I first clicked! I think a much more desired work flow would be a quick button to edit the note that just opened up in the browser using evernote web. Am I missing something?
  5. Bug report being worked. It appears it is a known issue but not ETA for a solution.
  6. That's correct sir. It appears to be very repeatable. When I share a note via Work Chat vs. a Shared Notebook the shared column in the list view has no date so sharedate:* doesn't find it! I've filed a bug report.
  7. Thanks I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I can go to the notes list view on a windows client evernote install, sort by shared which has a date and I have confirmed that notes that show shared when I click on modified sharing have a blank shared date entry on that view. Those are the same notes I shared via work chat. -Rich
  8. Hmmm, tried that but it doesn't seem to work in the windows or web client. Thanks, -Rich
  9. Any takers? I think it reasonable to expect that you can easily find all shared notes regardless of the sharing method such that you can verify/manage the sharing permissions without having to check your entire note archive. Thanks, -Rich
  10. For item 1, I was able to delete in iOS but not the windows application. It is my understanding those who I sent the notes to will still have copies in their work chat area.
  11. I like the work chat capability but I have some questions: 1) It appears you can't delete a chat...ever. Correct? 2) Is there a way to set the default permissions to "Can View" vs. higher levels of permissions? 3) If I share a note via work chat and then delete it in Evernote, it still exists in work chat...correct? 4) Is there a way in Evernote to search for all shared notes? sharedate:* does not work for notes shared via work chat that aren't in a shared notebook (from what I can tell)? 5) If the answer to 4 is no, is there a way to do it in python? Thanks, -Rich
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