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  1. I am again experiencing this issue. It starting on March 11. 2015. Any new pictures taken since that day does not display a thumbnail. Steps: 1) All Notes 2) Click the "+" icon > Vertical selection displays 3) Click: "Camera > Camera is activated 4) Select the "Camera" option (as opposed to "Document") > The "Document" option functions correctly with regard to the thumbnail displaying. How soon can this be resolved? Thanks.
  2. I just heard back from Evernote support. They were able to reproduce the issue and have confirmed this is a bug. They are working on a fix and will hopefully include it in their next release.
  3. The thumbnails are not displaying in Snippet view on my Samsung Galaxy S4 after the phone auto-syncs. I have uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled the app several times but unfortunately this has not resolved the issue. Is this a known bug? If so, is there a planned patch release soon? Thanks.
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