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  1. This is still an item high on my Evernote wish list, wish the product team would prioritize this.
  2. Would love to see an upgrade to this. It's sad that the audio quality of Evernote recordings in 2016 on my Macbook is similar to Edison's 1877 phonograph recording of Mary had a little lamb...
  3. After reading this, I understand that this is a deliberate choice by your product team. That being said, I would really love this to be a complete recap. The summary as it is isn't really useful for me. A complete recap would. Here's what my typical workflow/use case is: I read a long PDF (>50 pages, oftentimes in the 200 page rank). I make a lot of annotations in there. Afterwards, I go through all my annotations again for a more in-depth reading. Why this would make the experience of using evernote annotations for me a lot better: I realize I could just scroll through the entire book and look for annotations, but having a complete recap in the same format as the truncated summary would be a significant time-saver and a much better experience. It's mentally taxing to scroll through so much content having to look for annotations, and then when coming across an annotation to "switch" into read-this-in-depth mode. Oftentimes these annotations require me to initiate a separate action: research, executing a series of tasks outlined in the PDF, taking notes in separate documents, etc. On a related note, being able to add bookmarks to the PDF would be great (as would opening annotated PDFs at the place where they were left open, so it saves me the scrolling around to find the place where to continue). Thanks for considering these suggestions!
  4. So far I really love the new Evernote web beta. It's fast, it's clean. Here my thoughts: I trust that Reminders will be enabled soon.enable highlights please (this is one of my most commonly used features - much more common than subscript or superscript or strikethrough or changing the font color, and one of the core uses why I use evernote.Alphabetical only tags? I really hope you'll fix this! I used to write longer articles in a separate text editor - now I write within Evernote, so no more copying & pasting from one window to another.
  5. Is it? I can't find it in my Evernote web or Evernote desktop version.
  6. I'd also like to request Highlighting in Evernote. It works with clearly and then get's displayed in the Evernote, so please Evernote development team, add a another icon for text highlighting next to bold, italic and underlined. Personally, I think that's a much more useful function that that stupid strike through.
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