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  1. I wish more than anything that Evernote would support Apple's Data Detectors, for simply and quickly creating new contacts. It would be so delightful and rewarding to be able to avoid using the methods currently available. Sometimes Evernote will misinterpret information and skip a contact, forcing manual entry as a result. Data Detector support would eliminate the need for manual re-entry.
  2. AGREED! Just tighten up the feature set so they WORK AS ADVERTISED. We're suffering from 'New Feature Fatigue'. Honestly, it took over a year just to fix the 'bullet list bug', and that should have been addressed MUCH sooner. What's an acceptable timeframe from a bug being reported to having it fixed? I'd say a very GENEROUS 30 days should be more than ample, unless it's due to an operating system or API glitch that's out of your hands. But if you introduce a new feature, and it's buggy as hell, then I give you 30 DAYS to fix it. That's all. Who's with me on this??
  3. Agreed. And that's my point entirely: new features will be MUCH better received and by extension, adoption rates will probably skyrocket if you JUST FIX THE BUGS FIRST, and introduce new features SECOND. Prioritizing in that order will likely result in higher customer retention. For all of us who've raised issues here, I wonder how many never do, and just end up leaving the Evernote platform without even making a sound?? Likely more than those of us who comment here.
  4. Then I would strongly recommend not releasing an update with such a glaring code malfunction. Quality beats quantity anyday, everytime. I'd rather wait for something to work properly than use a broken piece of software. As a Premium User for several years now, I've observed this happen more often than I'd like. If that's how you're using my annual fee, I'd like my money back. Sorry if that harsh, but I think I'm entitled (as are the rest of us paying customers) to a certain amount of rigour and code-checking prior to ANY release. Its become a de facto standard to 'push it out' rather than proof it properly. And I know this to be a software industry-wide cultural phenomenon. Its not just you. I'm just tired of it.
  5. Oops. My bad. You are right. Not 6.13. Only updated to Version 6.12.3 (455520 Direct). And yes, the cursor jumping bug still exists in this version. What I don't understand is why, if you have the code to fix it, you haven't included it yet? it's a pretty heinous bug as far as performance is concerned.
  6. Sorry. NOT fixed. Just updated to release version of 6.13. Bug still exists. PLEASE FIX ASAP, it's utterly unexpected behaviour.
  7. Version 6.12.3 Beta 1 (455511 Direct) Cursor keeps shifting positions when editing a field in a business card note. I'll type two or three characters, then the damn cursor will JUMP back on it's own to the first position on the line. GRRRR. Damned annoying and keeps me from using Evernote the way I'd like to. FIX PLEASE!!
  8. I too would like to know why it's not possible to convert a card image to a business card formatted note. Seems like it should be possible, especially since many users are having the same issue with failed Scannable images.
  9. I think it's utterly atrocious that they haven't addressed this bug or even acknowledged it. Are they too busy introducing new features to fix the old ones??? Seriously, this has gone on far too long. If someone doesn't address this soon from their end, I may have to start tweeting about it. #EvernoteCan'tGetItRight.
  10. I confirm this bug too. Here's another, although not about Bullet lists, it's worse than that: take that same plain list of text you paste into a note, and then highlight it. Now, click the 'checklist' button'. Watch your nicely pasted list DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY and be replaced by a single, textless check box. Seems wrong to me that this is the default behaviour.
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