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  1. While I continue to experience this problem frequently, even on android 10.13, fortunately i have never had to restart my phone or uninstall/reinstall or exit the app. i keep going into the note, sometimes other notes, scrolling, and eventually (on average 5-10 times) the edit option finally appears in place of the view mode message.
  2. Sadly I am still getting this shocking problem with 10.13 android Dont get me started on growing list of frustrations and problems since v10.
  3. Add me to the list of very unhappy customers now needing to look for a new note manager. esp the lack of full offline capability, as often i am in places with no online access .. this is one of the primary reasons i moved to evernote a few years ago.
  4. Incredible that the option to hide/remove the note content was removed. Please put the option back - then everyone can choose how they want to use this aspect of evernote.
  5. hi - started using a new laptop with windows 10 and the latest evernote windows app, and a problem i have had in the past has returned. everytime i open a notes window, it is way too big. i resize it to something manageable, close it but the next time i open a note window it is again the same way-too-big size. i searched the community but did not find an answer. thanks in advance, les
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