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  1. I am commenting on 8.0.4 on iphone 6s. Yes, I can confirm the iTunes login request. Yes, I can confirm the "cut short" saved searches. Yes, I can confirm the missing short-cuts. Yes, i can conform that I like the 7.xx version better / don't like 8.xx No, I am not happy and wait for the next (hopefully) super-improved release. For now, I find it to complicated to move to OneNote, but I checked.
  2. Well, unlike DTLow, I understand the point of not being enthusiastic about re-installing. It doesn't feel right that users have to perform a hotfix on a formerly working app and to name this "the only method" (basically wasting the time of x-thousand users times (say) 15 minutes until all preferences are set again).
  3. For me the app was working ok under 8.0.2. Now it is crashing on start. Furthermore, I don't have all my saved searches available in the app. And once a day it asks me for my Apple Password. Overall not happy.
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