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  1. I've been experimenting with scanning business cards into Evernote, using iOS Using the scanning facility within Evernote, virtually none of the addresses on the business cards were recognised - a huge disappointment. However, when the scans were saved to Evernote they're saved with title formatted as "Firstname Lastname - Business Card" - which I quite like - it's immediately recognisable. To try to get better address recognition, I tried Scannable (which I'm afraid I didn't find quite as intuitive - I ended up saving a series of cards all with the same name, but different content). Once I'd worked out how to use it, the address resolution is very good (UK addresses), but the scans are not saved in the same format as the Evernote scanner - they come into Evernote as "Firstname Lastname" and no suffix. So, is Scannable the best way to get cards into Evernote from iOS? Is there any way of defaulting the scanning of business cards to A) a specific notebook, with the suffix "Business Card", c) adding another tag (like business card!)
  2. I'd like some sort of monospaced unformatted code snippet feature too - you only have to search for the feature, to find a large number of threads where people are surprised that it doesn't exist - so there is a real demand for this.
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