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  1. I've been experimenting with scanning business cards into Evernote, using iOS Using the scanning facility within Evernote, virtually none of the addresses on the business cards were recognised - a huge disappointment. However, when the scans were saved to Evernote they're saved with title formatted as "Firstname Lastname - Business Card" - which I quite like - it's immediately recognisable. To try to get better address recognition, I tried Scannable (which I'm afraid I didn't find quite as intuitive - I ended up saving a series of cards all with the same name, but different content). Once I'd worked out how to use it, the address resolution is very good (UK addresses), but the scans are not saved in the same format as the Evernote scanner - they come into Evernote as "Firstname Lastname" and no suffix. So, is Scannable the best way to get cards into Evernote from iOS? Is there any way of defaulting the scanning of business cards to A) a specific notebook, with the suffix "Business Card", c) adding another tag (like business card!)
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I guess Google as an external search engine is the way to go. @jbenson2 - I'm doing that , though not sure I'll be that regular a visitor - it's more a matter of solving my problems then moving on until I hit another issue with the way evernote works. Probably tomorrow if my xerox 1300s turns up
  3. I'm having trouble finding things. On my iPad, I did a goggle search for evernote scansnap s1300and the first (no ad) hit was an Evernote discussion "scansnap s1300 profile setup" Back at my mac later I searched the forum, using the forum radio button in search, for scansnap s1300and the forum didn't turn up the same thread. The google search on the forums works, but I really don't like that format. So, what did I do wrong, and what else am I missing??
  4. Having seen GrumpyMonkeys naming convention (which is very similar to the way in which I store photographs on disk) I decided that renaming my note in ever not to the creation date would be a good idea - so I created an applescript, based on another example of adding text in front of the note body from veritrope.com I didn't find this thread :-( However, this script depends on the Mac short date in System Preferences - so it's easy to change the format if you want to. I use YYYY-MM-DD, and that's what I set my system short date to. If your re-naming everything anyway, you can set the short date back after executing the script. It also only renames selected notes, not a whole notebook. (*Evernote -- Add creation date to start of subjectVersion 1.0Gareth JonesJanuary 29, 2014The date added depends on the system date set in Sytem preferencessee http://henrysmac.org/blog/2014/1/4/formatting-short-dates-in-applescript.htmlderived from http://veritrope.com/code/evernote-add-text-to-beginning-of-notes======================================// OTHER PROPERTIES (DO NOT CHANGE)======================================*)property noteTitle : ""(* ======================================// MAIN PROGRAM======================================*)tell application "Evernote" try -- get selected notes set theNotes to selection -- loop through notes repeat with theNote in theNotes -- get the title set noteTitle to (title of item 1 of theNote) -- get the creation date set noteDate to (creation date of item 1 of theNote) -- create new title by concatenation set newTitle to short date string of (noteDate) & " " & noteTitle as string -- assign new title to the note set (title of item 1 of theNote) to newTitle end repeat end try end tell
  5. I'd like some sort of monospaced unformatted code snippet feature too - you only have to search for the feature, to find a large number of threads where people are surprised that it doesn't exist - so there is a real demand for this.
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