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  1. Once you're logged in that is. In order to login requires server access. One other thing to consider: What version are you using? We locked out some old versions due to security issues in order to force users to upgrade to the fixed version.
  2. It's not supported in Windows. And FYI - that new Dark Mode thing Windows has? That's for Window Store (UWP) apps. Apps like us (classic Win32) aren't supported. Personally, I have no idea why MS didn't make it so when dark mode is enabled that the `GetSysColor` api wouldn't return that dark color. But it doesn't. So all we have is the current dark/light themes that you currently see...
  3. It's probably the only 32bit OS we support anymore - So even if we had a 64bit version, we'd still have to have a 32bit one...
  4. It sounds like you have the Top List mode enabled. You can use F5 to cycle thru the different styles of note lists. (or use the icon in the note list to choose the one you want)
  5. Thanks! We'll make sure that gets updated. (Not sure what build it will make it into...)
  6. Shift-Delete comes from ancient Windows. From before ctrl+C/etc existed! And we do support Shift-Del in the Windows client. The web client is different.
  7. I'm not sure there's anything we can do. It works for some users (me and others) and not for others. As far as I can tell, it's Windows. Changes in Windows have made forcing yourself to the top much more difficult. (In the past, I've often cursed out other programs that do that because I'm happily typing away and suddenly this other program is taking my input.)
  8. Of course! (and I did fix the original bug - the tag no longer "disappeared" by turning white) > The next release being 6.16.3? It should be...
  9. This will be fixed in the next release. I did a major DUMB. And the code review missed it. (Instead of saving the color on the synced-to machine, I cleared the color if a color was set. After looking at the code, I properly put on the dunce hat and sat in the corner while my reviewers approved the change. (the issue was instead of comparing to the incoming color to update the color, I compared to NO_COLOR :headdesk:)) On the machine that lost the colors, do not modify the attributes there. Once the fix is in place, tweaking a setting on the machine that still has colors will cause those colors to properly sync across.
  10. No, that was fixed (I forget which release). By default, only free users will see it to begin with (not Plus users). And once you customize your toolbar and remove it, it won't come back. Unless you clear your registry.
  11. Toolbar configuration is stored in the Windows registry. It is not synced.
  12. Automatic sync is whatever is currently defined by the server - could be 30 seconds, could be 30 minutes. (From the log, it looks like it's currently at 2 min) We did have a bug around this where we didn't properly set the server value - and defaulted back to 5min. This was recently fixed - I don't remember if it made the cutoff for beta2.
  13. Sorry, we don't support changing application accelerators. The only things that can be changed are the global hotkeys (those that are listed in the Options dialog).
  14. BTW: I just came across a reference to a Win32 api that could explain why some people see this and some don't... https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/winuser/nf-winuser-locksetforegroundwindow#remarks That API allows an application to prevent bringing a window to the top. So it's (very) possible that users who are not seeing our window come to the top are running some application that makes this api call.
  15. No, I recognized that. It just looks weird because the note view is off, so the notelist is really wide.
  16. Sorry, no. That's the new design to make the Windows client conform to how our other clients look.
  17. This was the critical information (I kept trying to repro on my local machine). Ah the perils of using a special value as a default value... (for you programmers out there, "(COLORREF)-1". And the color synced is json: "color='#ffffff'". I think you can see where I'm going with that...) It will be fixed in the next Beta.
  18. Yes you can. The default has been changed to no color to align the Windows client with the other clients. But we still have the "Style" dialog! Select a shared notebook, right-click and select 'Style', select the style you want, then click 'Set As Default' - that means set all notebooks of this type to this style (otherwise it applies only to that notebook)
  19. We discovered this too late to make this beta. The fix will be in the next one.
  20. Pretty much. It was a quick fix for an issue in Templates.
  21. If it was one of the EvernoteSubprocess processes, then it's Chromium.
  22. FYI: The next release will address this. The powers-that-be finally relented! Never have I been so happy to rip out code I wrote... Once removed, it will stay gone. There will no longer be special code that says "It's time to annoy the user again" (yes, I had a comment in the code to that said that)
  23. No Windows devs have been laid off since I started here over 5 years ago... Some have moved on to other things of course... (and all code has to be reviewed before it can be checked in) I'd guess it might be busy indexing the database...
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