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  1. They are 2 completely separate instances running. With some coordination via the tray icon program. Program robustness for detecting that other instances have crashed could (um, yeah) use a little work...
  2. As far as I remember (without digging into the code), we check the database when it is opened. Having the database live on a network drive is risky. We rely on sqlite file locking and that may not work on networked drives. (As I remember, that warning was added because people kept complaining about data loss/corruption when on a networked drive.)
  3. Thanks - this is a known issue. We have a bug tracking it (well, the bug is actually for Russian, but it's the same thing!)
  4. There was. There wasn't. There is. It went away for a while and then was resurrected in a new form. That's been available for a while now.
  5. Simply viewing the note will index them. What I need to test still is what happens to the others. (It also indexes when the note is updated on another machine and synced) It's still very early in testing (I mean I literally figured out the issue just before lunch time today!) - I still need to add some UI to turn this off for users who have "bad" pdfs that crash the filter. (I have some better ideas for blacklisting bad pdfs, that that will take at least a week to prototype and we're trying to get a beta3 out "real soon now".)
  6. I just realized why searching stopped working. The IFilter plugin we're using was causing a lot of crashes (when sycning) so it was removed (certain PDFs caused total memory corruption - no exception handling could catch it). Turns out that was how the pdf text was being indexed in the database. Which means I am now working on putting back this filter - which _will_ causes crashes for some people. But we'll add a registry switch to turn it off also. In the meantime, we're investigating an upgrade for the filter (I remember many years ago being told we had decided not to upgrade because of cost - hopefully that's changed!) (FYI: OCR has nothing to do with this)
  7. Internal verbiage slipping out... Yes, that view was created when we brought back the notebooks view (aka NBK). That same notebook list is also used for Spaces and SharedWithMe views.
  8. What you're seeing is correct. I guess the wording on that item could have been better... There were a number of places in the program where you could have a notebook selected but the note would not be created in that notebook. Primarily around the notebook kingdom view I believe.
  9. This is not surprising. We're a 32bit app.
  10. We only show this for Free users now. Not Plus or Premium. Not sure when we released the update, but the code was checked in at the beginning of Oct (so it's definitely in the current release)
  11. Are you on the current version? We removed the prompting on Plus users.
  12. No. Since EN is disappearing, that means it's crashing hard. When I type ctrl+alt+c, I get the Workchat window.
  13. Ctrl+Alt+V is one of the default shortcuts in the Options dialog (which can be deleted - click the 'x' on the box for that shortcut). Other than that, we do not process that shortcut. (We have ctrl+v and ctrl+shift+v)
  14. We know about that - I believe the fix made it into Beta1, if not, it'll be in the next beta.
  15. Could you be inadvertently holding down SHIFT also? Ctrl+Shift+Q is Exit (the same Exit as in the File menu)
  16. Can you detail how you got into that loop? I just tried (with the current beta 6.17.1) and the message is displayed once. I can then edit the title. It works this way both when the new note is created in a window and when it isn't.
  17. FYI: We've investigated and the AVG warning is a false positive. We are not infected!
  18. For UWP (Windows Store) apps only. We're an old-style Win32 app (even the WinStore version of EN is still considered Win32).
  19. Ctrl+alt+C is the shortcut to create a new chat. (For me, the Work Chat window opens). Can you elaborate more on exactly what you do and what happens.
  20. I don't! Can't stand those Mac keyboards. And I like my 4K touchscreen.
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