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  1. FYI: The fix is checked in. Just a matter of when we do the next release.
  2. It looks like we don't remember a snap position. If you manually resize, that will be remembered. Also, if the app is left full screen, that will be remembered. But the snap is not.
  3. While holding down the ctrl key, click on the 'Help' menu. Several items have moved there to make it easier for support. (It's easier telling someone to hold ctrl then it is getting them to add the debug_menu option to the shortcut!)
  4. FYI: This appears to be a bug when the Note View is not shown. Thank you to all the people who sent screen shots into support - that was the only way I finally figured out what was wrong.
  5. Maybe an issue between certain versions? What versions where you upgrading from/to? I just tested 5.5.2 to 5.5.3 and everything worked as expected - EN stayed on the D: drive. This worked in both a non-admin (per-user) install and an admin (per-machine) install. Did not test admin/per-user.
  6. In that case, the system still thinks EN is installed. What you're seeing is the upgrade path in the installer. As a quick test, I just uninstalled from the control panel, downloaded the current version off the website and installed. The License Agreement appeared.
  7. FYI: The registry key you want to tweak is 'ListViewHeight' in HKCU\Software\Evernote\Evernote. Set it to a value of 70 (hex) or greater. (We do have an internal bug for this, I created it after seeing the other thread.)
  8. The "Advanced" button on the License Agreement page in the installer allows you to change the install directory. (Note, the installer will check that this is a local hard drive)
  9. As far as I know, minimizing has always left the program running in the taskbar. (That's standard Windows behavior) Check your options and make sure 'Sync in the background' is enabled (Tools->Options, Sync tab) As long as that is checked, Alt+F4 should left it running in the system tray. And Ctrl+Q will fully close it. Dave
  10. Actually, that's us asking. If the URL clicked is a "file:/" and the file extension is of a certain type, we prompt. Thanks for the clarification - any way to switch this prompt off? If I'm using Evernote to hold my shortcuts I get that every. single. time. I launch an application.... Not currently.
  11. Actually, that's us asking. If the URL clicked is a "file:/" and the file extension is of a certain type, we prompt.
  12. This popup is a new feature - you'll only see it once per readonly notebook. (or if you click the lock icon) The not-sent issue is something we're sporadically seeing internally too. We haven't nailed this down yet. (There is a valid case of this appearing if you've made too many requests - but that's not the issue here)
  13. Confirming that I am experiencing the same bug again, just as you describe. Do you suppose this is a Windows Enterprise issue? System info: OS: Windows 7 Enterprise (SP1) 32 bit computer: Dell Latitude E6410 (Intel i3 2.5 GHz) Evernote: version (269614) I don't believe Enterprise is the issue. That's what I'm on. I'm the Win developer who currently owns this bug. I've tried reproducing this on multiple (released) EN versions, and in various VMs (Win7Pro, Win8.1). All without success. The only thing that happens is I get my default system 'ding'. (The Shell_TrayWnd message is not surprising - the tray icon is a separate program (it handled the Win+A) - it's just saying "I tried to send a copy command, but evernote.exe didn't do what I expected" [yeah, crashing's definitely not expected!]) I'm honestly at a loss for now... Maybe there's a common piece of software on the failing systems? Like virus protection?
  14. It's part of the system font selection dialog. We pass CF_NOSCRIPTSEL as part of the flags, hence it's disabled. There doesn't appear to be a CHOOSEFONT option to hide that.
  15. Oops, you're right (I was simply looking at what the options showed when open/close/open the options dialog) - and that only works while the program is open. It's a bigger bug.
  16. Looks like a bug. Workaround: Click the 'Change' button and select a notebook. That should stick.
  17. Noted. It appears the desktop app cannot invoke a Metro program via the OpenWith menu. If the default program is a metro app, 'Open' will work. OpenWith will also work with desktop apps.
  18. That is a perfect illustration of the current situation! There's a certain size threshold the tag control wants. If the area is too small, it collapses. It does appear there is a bug since the drop down arrow also goes away. To work around that either: 1) Make the window wider 2) Turn off text labels
  19. The older I get, the younger PMs look. I've got plenty of grey hairs now, don't you worry. You photo-shopping your pic? He's still (a lot) younger than most of us Windows devs!
  20. Yes, we allow per-user installs. (We also support per-machine installs!) I'm not an IT-admin, but I'm pretty sure there's a Windows group policy that can be set to prohibit any install.
  21. Microsoft frowns on any installer messing with the task bar (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/oldnewthing/archive/2003/09/03/54760.aspx). I believe (tho I haven't looked closely) that we do have some special cleanup code to remove the existing shortcut. Because if you don't, then an uninstall/install (or upgrade) would leave the old pinned item pointing to nothing. (I see that with other programs I use) Also note http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd378460(VS.85).aspx, specifically "A small set of applications are pinned by default for new installations. Other than these, only the user can pin further applications; programmatic pinning by an application is not permitted."
  22. Looks like a Mac bug to me. I saw the same thing with Notes in one window and Firefox in the other. With focus on Firefox, Notes had a blinking cursor.
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