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  1. works for me -> http://dr-palaniraja.blogspot.com.br/2010/12/import-delicious-bookmarks-to-evernote.html You're right - that worked! Thanks so much. Evernote support told me it was not possible, so I will try to tell them that they should at least point people to the above link. For anybody following this - it's not entirely straightforward, but with a bit of persistence and experimentation I got it to work. I think the main thing I did was infact to ignore the *Update* and just follow the original instructions.
  2. I'd like to move all my bookmarks form Delicious to Evernote. I've exported my Delicious bookmarks to HTML. I've searched around for guides on how to import this to Evernote, but all the guides seem to be out-of-date and using features that no-longer exist. Is there still some relatively simple way for a normal user to import just under 1000 bookmarks to Evernote?
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