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  1. EVERNOTE..... your a bad company. Feeding on the low hanging fruit of iOS users everywhere, stop and get a new perspective. Apple has lost its grip on smart phones, or didn't you hear that. Still... its easy to develop software for iOs... one size fits all. Try the challenge, work for the REST OF US. Richard
  2. See my edit above.... just want what IOS has.... good grief. Apple fans that don't respect Android don't get respect back.
  3. You have said over and over you are going to get Card Scan to the Android platform, stop lying and just say NO! Since the beginning of this year you have said "we are working on it"... naaa, don't think so, if you are, you need to fire the guys that keep making excuses and get people to get it done, PLEASE?
  4. Ok, I am considered by most to be a tech wizard but cant get the Evernote web clipping to work in EI or Chrome? Just doesn't show up in either browser, no icon in chrome no rt/click in EI10 Not using Metro app. What the what!!!
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