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  1. I am a tree user. My mind organizes data in a tree fashion and Evernote is extremely limiting my searches. Allow me to explain and maybe there is a method to doing this that I am not aware of: 1) Searching through my stack called "Dev" contains all my development notes and notebooks. However, the tree hierarchy is limited to a depth of 2, so when I sort my notes by languages, I can't divide my Dev/C# notebook into smaller sections. 2) Tagging is a great remedy for that. The nested structure allows for great organization and I love it. One fatal problem is that if I search a parent tag, the search results will not contain any notes in the child tags. I guess to get to the root of my purpose, it is to be able to have notes in a tree hierarchy in such a way that a search term of any parent nodes will encompass all descendants of that node. Gmail's tag concept is pretty much a picture perfect manifestation of the way that I would like to organize my data. If there's a function of Evernote that allows me to do that please let me know as this is pretty much a deal breaker for me. Thanks!
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