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  1. Why not just use FileVault? It's free, already available on every Mac, and it will protect everything on your computer. I just want to encrypt the Evernote database folder, not my entire home folder, i don't want to protect everything on my computer, FileVault will take up large disk space and slow down my computer.
  2. I In my windows laptop, i use a free piece of software called TrueCrypt to encrypt the database of evernote, see http://www.truecrypt.org, i have created a container file with TrueCrypt, move the database to the container, then create NTFS symbolic links to them in the original location,i created the symbolic links using the mklink command . Unfortunately, a MAC versions of TrueCrypt is not available, i use MacFort instead of TC in may MacBook, this software is pretty simple to use,see http://www.madowsoft.com/how-to-encrypt-evernote-with-password-protection.html
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