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  1. I went back and tried it, I really wanted to just more ahead. I can't. The new scroll runs at its own pace making the poor writing engine turn my writing into Morse Code (still). Even though there are no thumbnails (best option) I tried searching the adding machine tape and the search option in EN. Even online the search missed so many and added so many irrelevant. Damn. I find it interesting that EN is disturbingly quiet. I find it funny that the new version of Penultimate is "A Best New App" on Apple??? I think it's funny that reviewers have flushed their livelihood by not actually using the new version before their sycophantic postings. I find it worrisome that plunging from 4 stars to 1 star has not even been noted except here. Yes EN is a good company with great work and apps, but I can't help but think there are many developers associated with this update who need to consider a new career with a new organization.
  2. This is a great point! Perhaps the developers have not had the experience in the rich history of writing and its connection to thought processing and presentation.
  3. Yes, add me here too. An interesting silence from Evernote on all this too.
  4. Is it possible to search handwriting in Bamboo like Penultimate?No.
  5. Please, for so many reasons, give us back the old version. I echo the concerns above regarding one speed scrolling, writing engine that fails (unless you like your words turning into Morse Code), one long page like a ticker tape, and more. What did we do to offend the gods? Is this just a ploy to sell $77 stylus the size of a small tree?
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