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  1. Yeah, I never got any further response than "it's a known bug" either. I even replied to the support ticket a couple months later and nobody ever replied.
  2. I'm currently on Jelly Bean (4.2.2). I just migrated last week from a device that was on Ice Cream Sandwich (4.1.2), and had the same problem there.
  3. Still waiting on a solution for this. FWIW, I can paste snippets from a web page into evernote from the Android web browser, and the links are all still there on the Android evernote app, but once it syncs to the Mac the links are gone. And this happens 100% of the time since I posted this, the "happens some of the time" may have just been looking at different notes that were posted before and after it started happening. So at this point it looks like a regression from an update on or slightly before June 7th or so. I'm currently on version 5.1.3 on both Android and Mac (so two new versions have come out on Android since I started having this problem, and they haven't fixed it yet)
  4. So no ideas or confirmation? Just got an Evernote update on the Mac today and it didn't fix this.
  5. And if it helps any, I know Plume is sharing it as plaintext (not html), with the links as just part of the text. I've always gotten it as plain text if I share from Plume to an email. I got the impression Evernote had been adding the links for me when creating the note (which I appreciated and have come to depend on in this case). And they are all tappable in the Android Evernote app, just not in the desktop version on the Mac.
  6. They still show as links in the Android app. When synced to the Mac sometimes they show as links and sometimes they don't. Usually don't, lately. I haven't had anything make it to the Mac with links intact since Jun 8th.
  7. Using Plume on Android, click the Share button on a tweet (which might be behind the "More" button depending how big your screen is) Pick "Evernote - Create Note" from the share targets menu tap the checkmark on the top left to save the note Go to the Mac app and click the Sync button so the note you just saved will show up Click on the note to view itI've not been able to determine any pattern as to anything that might be different between when I get links and when I don't.
  8. I've often pasted snippets of emails or tweets from twitter into Evernote to save for later. The text is usually plain text, not html, but often contains hyperlink URLs. It has always linkified them for me, so when I retrieve the note later, I can tap/click the link to go visit it. I'm normally placing these into Evernote on my Android app and retrieving them from the Mac app. There was an update to the app (both on Mac (now 5.1.3) and Android (now 5.1.1)) recently, and since that update, I'm getting links linkified in the Mac version probably about a quarter of the time, but most of the time it doesn't link them, and I have to actually copy/paste them to the browser instead of clicking. These same notes show up with the links linkified in the Android app. Any idea what's up?
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