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  1. I use both. Mainly because my corporate network has blocked SkyDrive and the ability to open OneNote notebooks from any cloud services. I think the note taking features on OneNote are much better. Being able to add text anywhere instead of just vertically is very nice. Only way to do that with Evernote is to format it in another program and copy and paste or use the archaic barely functional table tool. I also like the Windows +S screen capture in OneNote Clipper. I don't have to open up another application to capture and markup screenshots. I like Evernote because It's pretty much the same experience across each device, I can use it pretty much anywhere and the tagging is much more powerful. If Evernote allowed similar functionality to OneNote where you could have individual text boxes anywhere, I would dump OneNote all together. As of right now, to get a more aesthetically pleasing note, I have to use OneNote.
  2. I had logged off and back on prior but the key was upgrading the client. Once I upgraded I was able to login fine. Thanks. One oddity I noticed though, now the client reports I'm on a free account when I'm a premium member. Web client indicates I'm premium. Must be a bug.
  3. I enabled 2 step authentication the other day and now I am unable to sign in to my windows client. Is it not possible with the windows client? Do I need to disable 2 step authentication?
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