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  1. I do not believe; pasting , deleting rows, columns, selecting, resizing ... everything is a nightmare especially if you use more than platform ...
  2. Ok, that's it. 7.9.5: another untold big new feature? The location can be automatically added on note creation. But it cannot be changed or created when editing a note. Now I try to get some support (EN Premium)
  3. Funny enough Version 7.9.5: no more "MAPS feature here again (?)" The feature has been removed
  4. (sorry for my English) After my 2013's post I believe map feature is (almost) back; how? Add your search query to the shortcuts list: when selecting the "3 dots menu" (I don't know its real name) the (map | location) item mysteriously appears. Not very handy, but at least a step forward. p.s. - I have EN for Android ver. 7.9.4: anybody with older versions could have a check about it?
  5. Sorry Gazumped, but "temporarily" is a euphemism. 2013, June: For Amartel: I've splitted my working area in zones, saved rectangular coordinates of every zone in a EN note (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php latitude: and longitude: search attributes) and when searching somehing I copy/paste those coordinates into the query. Yes, I know, very fast Cheers. G Edited 2016-08-01: another link of Evernote Grammar for advanced search, albeit with fewer attributes https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313828-How-to-use-Evernote
  6. "Lock Edit" would be useful to avoid "conflicting changes" too;
  7. EN Windows: I changed my Username few weeks ago (removing domain part from mail address): now, in the database folder in Windows, there are doubled files, one with old name and one with newer one. Is there something wrong? Can I remove files with old username? Cheers. G
  8. <glass half full>Ok, but not much older http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/06/26/six-incredible-evernote-journeys/ </glass>
  9. +1 for 2 reasons or usages: - Long Notes simpler to handle - A privacy feature: no, I'm not talking about hiding sensitive data where encryption is used, but it requires typing a password, waiting several seconds EN to decrypt (on my Android device) and type password any time I open the note. I'm a sales agent; I keep quotations with me on the road on different EN notes; when a client hasn't the printed quotation with him, I can (must) show it on my EN app. But where can I save quotation discounts, notes, known competitors, ... not to show them to my customer? I can create a linked
  10. You could use an android widget like Clipper - Clipboard Manager which can store dynamic "clippings" like current date. Cheers. G
  11. What the hell is this?? Google Maps has removed My Maps/My Places too. Aaaaargh!!!
  12. Problems here too (Galaxy S Advance): the page camera works once or twice then freezes and I've to reboot to use any camera again.
  13. Ok, I've found out that in notes list, with a long click on a note, a contextual menu appears with "show on map" button inside. The nice old map appears with the single note pin inside, with the number of notes found on the upper right of the screen (obviously only one). So the geotag isn't part of the searches anymore. BUT if I write the coordinates perimeter (latitude ... -latitude ... longitude ... -longitude ...) I can still find my notes: but only a list, not a geographical reference. Are these search parameters going to be removed too? Do you want to reduce the server work? Leave
  14. I start believing Maps have been removed for the heavy work servers have to do: iOS has it's own map interface, Android had it's own too. But, in offline search the dirty work is left to local devices (EN premium) instead of EN servers. Why don't do the same thing for maps? With Notes coordinates only or with maps images too. Instead of leave Maps dying (see the inability to choose which Notebooks to see on iOS Atlas), couldn't you treat it as a Premium service or something like this? Cheers.
  15. Hi and thanks for the response. I had two support chat yesterday, the first told me it's a bug and suggested uninstall/reinstall approach. Then I re-chatted to say I had no resultes in this way and she told me the feature has been removed from Android indeed (last time I used this feature was on friday, I believe with 5.1 version). But I think you (xdelplanque) are talking about the location of a single note: yes it's still working (and with right location both for Web and Android). I was talking about the "map service" inside Evernote for Android Instead, which allowed me to see
  16. (sorry for my English) With big regret, last version of Evernote for Android hasn't the "Maps" button and feature anymore. Big regret because: - I used this feature for work (I'm a travel agent and it was very important for me) - There wasn't any mention in the changelog - On Android I cannot downgrade to a previous version (I've written about this in another post, started by somebody else with "web" tag, but please, let me start a new standalone topic) I use EN for remember and locate construction sites: where it is (with map)what it is and what to propose (snapping a picture of the s
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