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  1. If I also want to use the Android app, then I need to split my business & personal accounts in two ( something I don't have a problem with) but there's no way to easily switch between which account I'm using (something I do 100's of times a day). I believe I have to log out and then log back in again using the other credentials. This is a show stopper for me from a productivity POV.
  2. But the desktop version is much worse and is missing critical features that lower productivity. As a paying customer I don't expect apps to go backwards.
  3. Are you a Bot or EN employee ? I'd have thought getting the existing features into the rewrite was more important than adding new features. EN is getting less and less productive so unless V10 improves significantly I'll be moving my business to something else.
  4. Thanks. It is my business, but the business side is shared with all my employees. Having a quick look through the business notes, it looks like 90% of them are output only e.g company procedures, so could easily be moved to dropbox or something like google docs, which would be a good saving too. I don't think any of my employees get on with Evernote in a personal capacity, so all this will do is cut Evernote's income.
  5. I've just tried to access EN on my Android device and it tells me I have to split my account in to business & personal. How does this work if I want to keep the legacy version on my Windows computer which I believe I need to to get the features I need listed below ? Will I only be able to log in to either Personal or Business at once (in the legacy app), I literally switch between personal & business notes 100's of times a day ? How do things like the Auto import folder work - do I now have two - one for business notes & one for personal notes ? The really important features that I must have (and which I believe some are stopping me moving to V10 on my Windows desktop) 1. Quick way to switch between viewing Personal & Business notes 2. Import folder for scanned documents. 3. Documents incoming via Email. 4. Stacks of Notebooks 5. Notes by photo on Android device i.e OCR scanning of photos. 6. Persistent access to ALL notes on my Windows machine when there is no internet connection. 7. A "forget it's happening" method to backup all notes elsewhere at least once a day. i.e no user interaction is required. I can do all the above with the legacy app - has the new version caught up yet or is it still a "beta" and if I move my Android app to V10, will I lose any of the above features in the legacy version on my Windows machine ? Cheers David - happy EN user for more years than I can recall (that is until V10 came along)
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