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  1. That's what I'm referring to. When I publish to the Business Home page I want all the users to get an in their face notification "David has just published notebook 'Christmas Hours' - [subscribe] [ignore]" at the moment users have to go to the Business home page to see if there's anything new, which none of them do. The Chat kind of works, but it becomes a three stage process - Create Notebook, then Modify Sharing, then Share via Chat - what I want is when I've "Modify Sharing" that the affected user(s) get informed automatically in their chat feed - "David has shared 'Christmas Hours' with you.
  2. Just been looking at out business notebooks and may of them are under subscribed. Chatting to the users who should be subscribed to these notebooks I find out that they were unaware that they existed. Is there anyway to notify (in your face) all users when a new business notebook is created ?
  3. Unbelievable, I stack my notebooks (as the admin) vary carefully Customer Projects -Customer #1p -Customer #2p -Customer #3p Customer Finances -Customer #1f -Customer #2f -Customer #3f Doesn't really makes sense out of context. Come on Evernote, you're pushing this as a business solution, but it seems you want our money, but aren't prepared to put in the work
  4. I don't know if Evernote read these threads (big mistake if they don't), but they really need to change their mind set if they're selling Evernote as a business app. I've been writing business software for nearly 20 years and our company prides itself on making sure that a bug is fixed within a week of a customer reporting it - often fixed, tested and rolled out on the same day. I don't think we're particularly special, it's just what is needed and expected in a professional environment. We still do scheduled roll-outs, but that's for new features and to roll up the bug fixes for those customers that didn't want to apply the intermediate release. We also give our customers access to our new feature roadmap, so that they can see what's going to be in the next release as soon as we have decided. Come on Evernote - if you want to be taken seriously in the business world you need to step up to the mark and treat your business customers as clients not consumers.
  5. What would be useful is an autocreated Tag that tallys with each users name. That way it would become easy to tag a user against any note that they need to action or be aware of. Obviously the "tags from business" would need some hierarchy or special handling as I would always want to see "me" and everyone else needs to be expandable e.g tags from business ME (David) >Other Users (closed) regular_tag_1 regular_tag_2 or tags from business ME (David) >Other Users (expanded) John Bill Bob Brenda regular_tag_1 regular_tag_2
  6. I'm running EB on my desktop and laptop. When I make a change on one machine, the activity stream on the other machine displays it. I don't think I really need to be informed about what I've done and I find that changes other users have made are getting lost in the stream of my own activity. Suggestion to be able to filter out my own activity please. thanks David
  7. As a small company most things we publish to the business library desire modify access for everyone. At the moment we keep forgetting to change the access type when the library is shared to allow others to modify notes. Suggestion for the future is for the Admin to be able to configure the default permission when sharing a business notebook. Thanks David
  8. Currently we're just 5 users and we've only been using EB for a week, though as we all work from home around the world, so we're hoping that we'll see an immediate benefit. Not much in the business library yet as we've been using dropbox and a private facebook page, which is great for ephemeral data and quick discussions, but not for anything that needs to be referenced long term.
  9. Guys, I'm both a very busy and very lazy person. I really don't want to have to keep remembering to check the activity feed every few hours to see if there's any new business notebooks I'd like to join or notes in existing joined books that might have changed. What I'd really like is (especially on my Android phone) is for the notification area to indicate that there's something new for me to go and look at. That way, not only do I not have to be proactive and go and look for new stuff, but I will even be informed of new stuff when Evernote app isn't even open. (On my Windows PC I have an Evernote icon in the notification tray, but nothing pops up from it so maybe this feature is there, just not working here ?)
  10. When sharing a notebook it seems that I have to type in the email address of each person I want to share it with. How about a drop down control to select those people that are already part of my account - typing zaphod.Beeblebrox@mydomain-mail.com everytime I want to share a notebook with him, is a real pain.
  11. As the business owner, I'd really like to be able to publish stacks to the business Library. e.g I have a stack called "suppliers" under that I have notebooks for each supplier e.g EverNote, SalesForce, Microsoft etc. At the moment I have to publish each notebook to the business library, where it is displayed with an out of context title e.g "Evernote", "Microsoft" etc I then have to email my users and tell them to manually put all of these in to a stack and label that stack "suppliers". Too many steps to try to ensure some consistency across the business.
  12. I'd like to second this. Business notebooks are for business purposes and should have the same name across the organization. We've implemented EB because we have users that aren't good at admin tasks (but are brilliant at what their main job is) and so we have to make the admin side as simple for them as possible. Additionally some users are careless so may create a shared notebook with a typo in the Title, obviously as Admin we want to correct that and push the correction out to everyone else.
  13. Thanks. One thing I just noticed is that if you try to print the page, then everything is included on the (9) sheets of paper. Is there anything like an Evernote printer driver ? Yes it is a nice house [checks lottery ticket] Maybe one day.
  14. Is the content on the other tabs (e.g Floorplan) the same issue ?
  15. I want to clip web pages such as http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-37887955.html?premiumA=true - they're only online until the property has been sold, then they're gone, so Evernote is a great archival system. However when I clip the page, and then view it, it I try to navigate to say the Floorplan tab or view the slideshow, Evernote takes me back to the original site. Any way to get Evernote to clip everything within the page so it's all archived ?
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