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  1. Well, being the technophobe I sometimes am, it's somewhat comforting to know I'm in the same boat with a bunch more people. That would be the SSWhatTheF__k. I posed another question to the community about a problem with the original Penultimate and after a trip to the Apple Store today, a Genius helped me delete the app and download it again and I was greeted with the horrifying "new" version of Penultimate. I see my passionate hatred for this stupid "upgrade" is shared far and wide. Someone sent me the link to this thread in hopes it will help me get back to the devil I know because this new
  2. It's mildly comforting to know I'm not the only one with the problem! I'll certainly look into ways to resuscitate my "old" Penultimate and should anything positive show itself, I'll definitely share. I sure hope the people at Evernote monitor these discussions so they know how to fix stuff for us.
  3. Thanks for your input. I may have to give Noteshelf a try. I'm so pissed right now! I just went to the Apple Store to see if they could help, thinking the IOS 8 upgrade (which I really wish I hadn't done!) was the cause of my issues. Well, it seemed like the only thing to do was to delete the app and try again. I was unaware the Penultimate program is totally new and I really, really hate it! It is more onerous to use than the previous version and takes more steps to achieve my objective as I outlined in my initial query to the community. Who does this?!!!! Upgrading something is supposed to m
  4. I work as a freelance head of the Prop Department for motion picture productions. In past years, everyone used Polaroid cameras to snap instant continuity photos and it worked really well, especially when, for example, we needed to grab several photos at once to document the aftermath of a stunt scene so we could recreate it at another time or place. The white area on the bottom was perfect for using a Sharpie to write down the scene number and any pertinent notes, then we'd punch a hole in one corner and have an instantly accessible ring of Polaroids in script scene order to refer to when nee
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