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  1. 2 hours ago, gazumped said:

    Hi.  Whilst it's been in demand for several years,  this feature has (currently) 51 votes as against 400+ for other features that are also outstanding. 

    My post above yours mentions that Evernote are again(?) rewriting their text editor,  which may then include RTL features.  Some browsers already include the option - I'm currently using the Chrome-clone browser Brave,  which seem to work on Evernote Web too (although notes return to LTR if viewed in the Evernote apps...)


    Why do I have to vote?!

    I have been a  customer of evernote since 2011 and never voted although i was in need of this since day one. 

    Why haven't i voted? Simple. First, I didn't know. Second, they can figure out exactly how many is in need of this feature: add arabic, hebrew, Persian users and Vola.. !! No brainer.


    Sorry. Stop giving excuses to EN. It makes things worse!

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