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  1. The web beta version of the long-awaited Evernote is not promising when it comes to this feature. RTL option is not available in their new editor! Total disappointment. Seriously thinking of switching to an alternative service.
  2. Why do I have to vote?! I have been a customer of evernote since 2011 and never voted although i was in need of this since day one. Why haven't i voted? Simple. First, I didn't know. Second, they can figure out exactly how many is in need of this feature: add arabic, hebrew, Persian users and Vola.. !! No brainer. Sorry. Stop giving excuses to EN. It makes things worse!
  3. I will try to say this politely. This is insane! Evernote. A feature that is standard in other platforms/apps, and it has been in demand (+silent customers) since 2012. Yet, it has not been added. Any good reason for your loyal customers!!!!
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