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  1. I am not getting any error messages either. I am referring to the data contained in the log file you get in the iOS app [Click on the upper left (where your name is) -> Activity log -> Mail]. In my case, the log file in the iphone app suggests my account is not being recognized as premium.
  2. Not yet. I have the same problem. The last iOS app update fixed the issue in my iPad but not in my iPhone. Two weeks ago, I reported it to Evernote Support (again!) and sent them the corresponding logs. Got an email informing me that the logs had been sent to the development team. Still waiting for an answer.
  3. Hi there, After upgrading to version 5.3.1 I reorganized my notes in multiple notebooks in order to make the most out of the reminders feature. Inspired by the GTD method, I created notebooks for every project, in which I placed only actionable items (mostly notes without attachments), and left all my support and reference material in one notebook, whose size is 7GB. Ever since, the iOS app does not download my big notebook, the one with all my support and reference material. I have already placed a ticket with evernote support (ticket #47342) with no result so far (after five emails, my request was sent to the "development team"). From the log file in iOS, it seems the app is not taking me as a premium user, which I am since June last year. The following lines appear in the log file of both my iPhone and in my iPad after trying to sync my offline notebooks: 2013-06-10 07:16:15.973 [lvl=2] -[ENAppController _setupSharedLogger] --------------------------------------------------- 2013-06-10 07:16:15.986 [lvl=2] +[EDAMHTTPClient createClientVersionString] Client name: Evernote iPhone/264775 (en-CO); iPad3,3/iPhone OS (6.1.3); 2013-06-10 07:16:17.114 [lvl=2] +[ENPasscodeUtil validatePasscodeOnAppActive] Disabled passcode, user not premium 2013-06-10 07:16:17.114 [lvl=2] +[ENPasscodeUtil disableUserPasscode] Disabling user passcode I am pretty sure there are no issues with my wifi connection and that I have no restrictions with my data plan. I also know both my iPhone and my iPad are working fine. Is it only me? Has anyone found this problem or, still better, a solution? Could somebody at Evernote push my case in the "Development Team", so I can have a definitive solutiion? Offline Notebooks was the main reason for me to become a premium user. It worked perfectly in iOS until I upgraded to 5.3.1 and reorganized my notes.
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